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  • Child's play (Pete Souza/Official White House photo)

    When you have access to the president of the United States, you want to make a good impression. Or any impression.

    That appears to be the plan of this high-energy toddler, who threw himself on the floor in Magnolia's Deli and Cafe in Rochester as the president sat at a table nearby with a small group of college students, graduates and their parents to discuss the high cost of higher education on Thursday, according to the Associated Press.

    Official White House photographer Pete Souza snapped the unnamed boy, whose mother appears to be sitting at another table — and laughing — at the kid’s adorable antics.

    It’s not clear if the president chooses to ignore the child or if he hasn’t noticed him at all.

    The photographer posted to Twitter, “A young boy plays as Pres Obama lunches with college students and their parents in Rochester, N.Y.”

    Perhaps the child wouldn’t be so cheerful if he knew how much his college education is going to cost him in the not too distant future.

    This isn’t the

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  • Baby alligator in bathtub (Volusia County Sheriff’s Office)

    Here’s a call police probably don’t get every day: There’s an alligator in my bathtub!

    But that's what they heard on Monday when 67-year-old Sarah Boston called to complain that her son was keeping a gator in her tub.

    Sean Lewis, 45, of Deltona, Fla., who was arrested and charged with poaching, said he got the creature from a female friend several days earlier. He told his mother he would get rid of it after a few days, according to the police report, which was obtained by Yahoo News.

    But when those days came and went and the alligator was still in her tub, Boston turned to the police to have it removed.

    Police noted in the incident report that Lewis said his friend promised to return to retrieve the alligator in a few days and that the alligator was not his.

    However, when the friend did not return, Lewis made the baby gator a home in the tub.

    “The tub was partially filled with water and had a cinder block located in the middle to provide a piece of dry land,” the report said. “A light

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  • Thousands of stray dogs, including the one in this image, are reportedly roaming the streets of Detroit. (AP)

    Packs of wild, abandoned dogs are roaming the streets of Detroit
    , leaving city officials overwhelmed at the prospect of handing an issue that raises both animal rights and safety concerns.

    “It was almost post-apocalyptic, where there are no businesses, nothing except people in houses and dogs running around,” the Humane Society of the United States director Amanda Arrington told Bloomberg News about a recent visit to Detroit. “The suffering of animals goes hand in hand with the suffering of people.”

    Bloomberg reports that packs of the dogs have been spotted in groups as large as 20. In one case, Detroit police officer Lapez Moore said the city’s animal-control unit recently found several of the dogs inside a flooded basement where thieves had torn out the building’s water pipes.

    “The dogs were having a pool party,” Moore said. “We went in and fished them out.”

    But the reality of the situation is more dire than an impromptu animal pool party. Local shelters say they are forced to

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  • Serena and Sharapova's 'black heart' rivalry
    Serena and Sharapova's 'black heart' rivalry

    The bitter rivalry between Australian Open finalists Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova took root on the hallowed Wimbledon turf in 2004 and is still thriving more than a decade later -- both on and off the court. The problem was, the fairytale victory that catapulted her to global celebrity came at the expense of Serena Williams -- top seed at the time and hot favourite for a third straight Wimbledon title -- a result that the American has never forgotten. It has spurred her on to an overall record of 16-2 against Sharapova, with the Russian's last victory over the world number one coming more than a decade ago. Since 2005, the American's winning streak is 15-0, including straight sets wins over Sharapova in the Australian and French Open finals (2007 and 2013), as well as the gold medal match at the 2012 London Olympics.

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