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  • Fat Sal's Big Fat Fatty sandwich (Fat Sal's Deli's Photos on Facebook)

    It sounds like a plot from the HBO show “Entourage.” The character Turtle has a harebrained scheme to open a sandwich shop with a headline-making sandwich. But the deli, Fat Sal’s, is real and it's co-owned by one of the show’s stars, Jerry Ferrara, along with Josh Stone and Sal Capek, all friends who have known each other since childhood. And there's even a famous, or rather infamous, sandwich.

    The Southern California restaurant recently opened in Hollywood — there are also locations in San Diego and Westwood. On the menu is an extreme — and extremely large — sandwich.

    The Big Fat Fatty pretty much lives up to its name. The behemoth includes ingredients that are actually other fast-food favorites — all in one ginormous sub: cheesesteak, five cheeseburgers, 10 chicken fingers, pastrami, bacon, five fried eggs, a basket of french fries, 10 onion rings, 10 jalapeno poppers, marinara, chili, and something called fat sauce. It looks like it could easily feed a family of 12. The cost of this

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  • Rosie, in a photo taken by owner Graham Anley, a few days before her rescue (Facebook)Rosie, in a photo taken by owner Graham Anley, a few days before her rescue (Facebook)

    When you hear about a man saving his dog from a sinking ship, it’s hard to not be moved by the tale of an animal lover’s heroism. But the story becomes slightly less heroic when you learn that the man saved his dog before his own wife.

    But that’s apparently what happened when Graham Anley and his wife, Cheryl, found their yacht sinking after it hit a reef while on a voyage from East London to Madagascar.

    National Sea Rescue Institute North London station commander Geoff McGregor said all three were wearing life jackets. The 9-year-old Jack Russell terrier named Rosie was wearing a tailored life jacket equipped with a strobe light beacon.

    "As the incident happened Graham sent a Mayday radio distress call and activated the EPIRB (a GPS beacon) but they were immediately forced to abandon ship," McGregor said in an interview.

    "He first swam Rosie ashore safely before returning for his wife, whose safety line had snagged on the steering gear," McGregor added.

    The couple and their dog all

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  • It’s a boy! Again.

    Kateri and Jay Schwandt of Rockford, Mich., welcomed their 12th baby into the family last week. A brood of now — count 'em — 12 boys.

    “We didn't know what he would be when he was first born,” a smiling Kateri Schwandt told the local NBC News station. “We don't find out. It's always a boy, but it's always a surprise."

    Tucker Ray Schwandt was born on Aug. 4 — the newest sibling among the other boys ranging in age up to 21 years old.

    Tucker's 11 older brothers rushed into their mother's room at St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, Mich., to greet their newest brother.

    "I never imagined I'd be sitting here with my 12th child," Jay Schwandt, said.

    The proud parents told the station they had been hoping for a girl, but this time, like the past 11 times, it was not to be.

    "I'm sure a little girl probably would be fun, but we know what we're doing. Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a locker room," Kateri Schwandt said. She certainly has enough sons to form a football team.

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