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    First came the free yoga classes and gym memberships. Then the nap rooms. Now some companies are encouraging their employees to exercise while they work.

    Dairy Queen, best known for candy-infused ice cream Blizzards, has installed a bank of treadmill workstations at its Edina, Minn., corporate headquarters as part of a wellness program aimed to combat "sitting disease," the not-so-technical term for ailments associated with sitting at a computer all day.

    "You can really accomplish a lot of work at the same time as walking," Heather Peters, a member of Dairy Queen's corporate wellness committee, told Minneapolis' KARE-TV. "And it really helps you get through those more tedious tasks."

    According to Megan Weizel, manager of the wellness program, the company also is adding showers and locker rooms "so people can freshen up if they exercise on their lunch hour or bike into work"—in part to entice potential new employees.

    "We're looking at not just these, but our whole wellness program as a

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  • Computer from ‘WarGames’ going up for sale

    The computer featured in 'WarGames' (Todd Fischer)The computer featured in 'WarGames' (Todd Fischer)

    Good news for anyone looking to buy a computer capable of starting World War III. One of the computers used in the 1983 film "WarGames" is going up for sale, IT World reports.

    "WarGames," the classic hacker flick starring Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy, told the story of a high school student and computer genius (Broderick) who hacks into a military computer that controls the U.S. nuclear missile supply.

    What could possibly go wrong? Turns out, a lot. Chaos and threats of nuclear war with the Soviet Union ensue.

    The computers played pivotal roles in the thriller, and none was as important as the one Broderick's character used to hack into North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

    Todd Fischer, who owns the computer, spoke via email to Yahoo News about the 8080 computer, keyboard, and noisy modem. With the exception of the dual disk drive (remember those?), all the props are still in working condition.

    Fischer said he takes great pride in having contributed to the scene in

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  • A new poll suggests that owning a tablet computer affects a person's self-perception (Reuters)Own a tablet? Well, this story might be old news to you. Then again, you might be lying.

    A majority of Americans think they are smarter and better informed than their peers. But the number who hold themselves in higher regard swells among those individuals who use a tablet such as an iPad or Kindle, according to results of a study conducted by Wakefield Research for Next Issue Media that were provided to Yahoo News for an early peek.

    “Owning a tablet may be one way to boost your news-confidence,” or so says the study on news consumption and habits that is scheduled for release late Wednesday.

    Fifty-six percent of all those surveyed believe they are more knowledgeable about current events than their friends. However, there was a significant spike in that feeling among tablet users, with 69 percent saying they believe themselves to be more knowledgeable than those around them.

    And apparently there’s pressure with always being right. A majority of tablet owners in the same survey, 52

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