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  • Trevor Runyon (Mount Washington police department)Trevor Runyon spent the night alone inside a Kentucky grocery store and will likely be spending several more nights in jail.

    That’s because Runyon allegedly went on a feeding frenzy, eating six steaks, drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and finishing the night off with some shrimp and a birthday cake.

    Video surveillance shows the 30-year-old Runyon sneaking into the ValuMarket outlet just before closing time, then hiding out until the doors were closed and the employees had gone home for the night.

    Officer Michael Huffman told WAVE3 that after Runyon was done eating and drinking, he then changed into some new clothes and climbed into the store’s rafters to sleep.

    When the store’s manager showed up on Monday morning he says he found 57 cans of Redi-Whip whipped cream cans in the garbage.

    After Runyon was spotted, local firefighters were called in to remove him from the rafters, after which police took him into custody.

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  • File photo of plunger (Thinkstock)File photo of plunger (Thinkstock)

    A Massachusetts woman upset by a foul odor emanating from her neighbor's house is in hot water after allegedly threatening to hit the neighbor with a plunger.

    The Lowell Sun reports Irene Cohen, 44, was released on personal recognizance after she pleaded not guilty to assault with a dangerous weapon.

    The alleged incident took place on Sunday, the Lowell Sun reports. The neighbor told police that Cohen was angry over some plumbing work that had caused a bad smell to waft from the property.

    From the Lowell Sun:

    During a confrontation with the victim, Cohen allegedly began to yell at her and spit in her face, then picked up the plunger, raised it above her head, and threatened to hit her with it.

    The victim described Cohen as "wildly out of control." The victim ran back inside her house for fear of being hit.

    According to police reports cited by the Lowell Sun, Cohen did admit to arguing with the neighbor over the smell, but denied using a plunger in a threatening manner. Cohen also said

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  • A company refused to use the name Ruth Levy has been sending greeting cards to her 90-year-old friend Dick for decades. The tech-savvy Levy, 77 years old and a fan of e-cards, was shocked to be told that a personalized card she made for Dick was considered profane.

    "When it came up with, 'Your message cannot contain profanity,' I didn’t get it. I’m obviously too innocent,” Levy told the Daily Mail about trying to create the card on the Marks & Spencer website. “I thought it must be the word ‘significant’ that it thought was dodgy, but it still would not accept it. I tried various ways, taking out bits of text, but it still said no.”

    Levy wrote to the store to find out what was wrong. "I could not believe it when they sent me a prissy letter [back] saying it was because my friend is called Dick,” she told the paper. “It is political correctness gone absolutely mad.”

    The company suggested that Levy call her friend instead. Levy handwrote a card and sent it through the mail.

    “I don’t mind them weeding out profanities—I’m

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    DEAR ABBY: I have been in a long-distance relationship with "Victor" for several years. Recently I began to suspect he was cheating. What raised my suspicion was that I suddenly couldn't reach him on the weekends. Usually we would Skype -- Sunday night for me, Monday morning for him. Last February when I visited him, I snooped in his phone -- spare me the condemnation. I found an email he had written to an old girlfriend in which he suggested they plan their "next" rendezvous. I plan on dumping him, but I don't know how to go about it. I've always been bad at dumping people. ...

  • Pro-Russia separatists take armor, humiliating Ukraine forces
    Pro-Russia separatists take armor, humiliating Ukraine forces

    By Stephanie Nebehay and Christian Lowe GENEVA/MOSCOW (Reuters) - Foreign ministers from East and West will try to defuse the Ukraine crisis on Thursday in Geneva, once frequently the scene of Cold War negotiations, but will risk being upstaged by Russian President Vladimir Putin. With Russian troops massed on the border with Ukraine, prospects of significant progress at the four-way talks appear slim. By contrast, what Putin says during his annual "hotline" session with the Russian people may have far greater influence on events in Ukraine's rebellious east. Thursday's talks will bring the ministers of Russia, Ukraine and the United States together with the European Union's foreign policy chief to discuss a crisis in which Kiev is struggling to reassert its authority in eastern towns largely controlled by armed pro-Russian separatists.

  • Ex-official leaves huge debt for California city
    Ex-official leaves huge debt for California city

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — A former city official who became a symbol of municipal greed was sentenced Wednesday to 12 years in prison — less than half the time it will take the nearly bankrupt Los Angeles suburb of Bell to dig itself out of the estimated $150 million in debt he left behind.

  • Flight Attendant's Hilarious Safety Instruction Video Goes Viral
    Flight Attendant's Hilarious Safety Instruction Video Goes Viral

    Fasten your seat belts, stow your belongings under your seat and put your electronics in airplane mode. Southwest Airlines' Martha Cobb has a few safety announcements, and a couple of jokes to share as well. The Houston-based flight attendant known as Marty is gaining national attention thanks to a YouTube video that shows her comedic twist on the routine briefing before takeoff. "If we could pretend to have your attention for just a few moment, my ex-husband, my new boyfriend and their divorce attorney are going to show you the safety features," she begins, immediately eliciting laughter from the cabin. She then moves to seat-belt operation. "Position your seat belt tight and low across your hips, like my grandmother wears her support bra."

  • Toyota Camry gets a top-to-bottom makeover
    Toyota Camry gets a top-to-bottom makeover

    Shaken by the advances of newer, sportier rivals, the Toyota Camry is trying to shed its vanilla reputation. The redesigned 2015 Camry, unveiled Wednesday at the New York International Auto Show, is longer ...

  • Russian economy hit by Ukraine turmoil
    Russian economy hit by Ukraine turmoil

    MOSCOW (AP) — Russia's economy slowed sharply at the start of the year as the crisis in Ukraine spooked investors into pulling money out of the country. But with Russian President Vladimir Putin still enjoying high popularity ratings, the economic damage is not yet likely to soften his politics in the region, analysts say.

  • Google misses revenue target, ad prices slide

    By Alexei Oreskovic SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Google Inc's first-quarter revenue fell short of Wall Street targets and margins narrowed as the price of its ads continued to decline, underscoring the challenges Internet companies face as the world shifts toward mobile devices. Shares of Google were down 3 percent to $539.80 in afterhours trading on Wednesday, after initially sliding roughly 6 percent on the news. The number of "paid clicks" by consumers on Google's ads increased by 26 percent in the first quarter, disappointing some analysts who had hoped for stronger volume growth. And the average "cost per click" declined 9 percent, extending a downward trend as mobile advertising, typically cheaper than traditional online ads, make up a bigger slice of its business.

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