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  • Boy asks City Council to save his home from erosion

    A 10-year-old boy from Carrollton, Texas, addressed his town's City Council to ask that it help save his home from erosion.

    CBS-Dallas reports that Nick Harmla spoke about how, due to a crumbling retaining wall, his family's backyard has been steadily washed away by rain into a nearby creek. His neighbors' properties have also been affected. Specifically, he asked that the wall be replaced.

    "I was excited because we had a big backyard and my dad was going to buy two nets to play soccer," Nick told the City Council. "All of a sudden, a big rain came and the land was scooped away."

    CBS-Dallas reports this isn't the first time residents of the affected area have tried to raise awareness about their properties. In the past, they've held block parties, posted videos and filed a federal lawsuit.

    The City Council didn't formally respond to Nick's request, according to CBS-Dallas, due to the neighborhood having filed a lawsuit against the city.

    Still, Council Member Jeff Andonian was

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  • An alert guide dog saved a California man and woman on Monday from an out-of-control vehicle swerving backward down a public sidewalk at high speed.

    Todd Jurek and Danielle Alvarado are both employees of Guide Dogs for the Blind, a company that trains service dogs to assist visually impaired individuals. They were taking a O’Neil, an 18-month-old Labrador retriever, out for a training walk in San Rafael, Calif., on Monday morning when the near-death experience occurred.

    The San Jose Mercury News reports that a 93-year-old woman was reportedly trying to parallel park her vehicle when she lost control and began driving the car in reverse, smashing a store window.

    "It was just an unbelievable sight to see something going backwards, barreling down the sidewalk," Jurek told the paper.

    Jurek and Alvarado, who was blindfolded as part of the exercise, did not see the car barreling down the sidewalk behind them. But O’Neil sensed something was going on and jerked his head backward. The motion

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  • Woman tricks alleged sexual predator with Target ad

    A mother who says she discovered her 11-year-old daughter was receiving inappropriate messages from a 23-year-old man on Facebook used a photo from a Target ad to help nab the alleged predator, reports St. Petersburg, Fla., station

    In an interview with WTSP, the mother said she saw that, against her wishes, her daughter had opened a Facebook account.

    "I unlocked her phone, and I discovered a grown man on Facebook trying to befriend her," the woman said.

    The mother, who identified herself only as Caroline, said she called the alleged predator, Michael Bradley, and told him to stop. But the man continued to send her daughter messages, she told

    "Do you know she's 11 years old?" she asked him, according to TBO. "If you keep calling my daughter, if you keep texting my daughter, I'm going to call the police and have you arrested."

    Eventually, Bradley asked the girl for a nude photo, Caroline told TBO. That's when the mother set her trap by pretending to be her daughter.

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  • CDC director says U.S. should be able to contain Ebola spread

    (Reuters) - The first patient diagnosed with Ebola in the United States initially sought treatment six days after arriving in the country, potentially exposing a "handful" of family members and others to the virus, a top U.S. health official said on Tuesday. Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said he had no doubt that local and federal health authorities could contain the potential spread of the deadly virus in the country. ...

  • Family: Canadian man jailed in Cuba innocent

    VAUGHAN, Ontario (AP) — The son of a Canadian automobile executive who has been sentenced to 15 years in jail in Cuba on corruption charges said Monday his dad maintains he's innocent and is determined to fight for his freedom.

  • Ailing North Korea leader sends message to China
    Ailing North Korea leader sends message to China

    Seoul (AFP) - North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, who has not been seen for nearly a month due to apparent health problems, sent a congratulatory message to China on its national day Wednesday, state media said.

  • The truth about October markets
    The truth about October markets

    There is almost nothing unique about October, at least not in an investable sense. It's a mental trap, almost irresistible precisely because it's so simple.

  • California becomes first state to ban plastic bags
    California becomes first state to ban plastic bags

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday signed the nation's first statewide ban on single-use plastic bags at grocery and convenience stores, driven to action by pollution in streets and waterways.

  • Is the iPhone 6 Plus not the smash hit we thought it was?
    Is the iPhone 6 Plus not the smash hit we thought it was?

    The instant sell-outs and rapidly lengthening delivery estimates of the iPhone 6 Plus have led many observers to believe that the most jumbo version of iPhone is capturing a big chunk of the new iPhone sales in North America. But new statistics from Chitika indicate that people may have been jumping the gun because it’s possible that the low early production volumes of iPhone 6 Plus are the reason for its relative scarcity compared to the smaller iPhone 6. RELATED: The iPhone 6 Plus is so popular that even Apple employees can’t get one yet According to Chitika, three days after the launch of the new models, the iPhone 6 made up 1.6% of the internet traffic volume generated by all

  • Auto parts maker to pay fine in price-fixing case

    The U.S. Justice Department says a Japanese auto parts manufacturer has agreed to pay a $26 million fine and to plead guilty to fixing prices and rigging bids for various parts sold to automakers in the ...

  • Texas patient confirmed as first Ebola case diagnosed in U.S.
    Texas patient confirmed as first Ebola case diagnosed in U.S.

    DALLAS – A man who recently arrived in Texas from Liberia has been confirmed as having the first case of Ebola to be diagnosed in the U.S.

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