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  • A 17-year-old boy miraculously walked away unharmed from a midair collision with a moving vehicle.

    It was an unwise move, to say the least. But Daniel Jensen emerged unharmed after attempting to jump over a car that was speeding in his direction at 40 mph.

    Shockingly, the stunt was entirely intentional. Jensen had one friend film the event while another friend drove her vehicle in a head-on course with the teen.

    “Somehow I ended up doing a side flip and when I opened my eyes I saw the ground and landed on my feet,” Jensen wrote on his YouTube page. “I was in so much shock I just ran away from the car trying to get my mind together.”

    “This is not fake,” The Tarzana, California, teen writes. “I have background footage and pictures of my legs and her windshield and all that. You can also see the windshield being busted if you slow down the first clip enough.”

    Jensen told ninemsn he practiced the stunt by jumping over bricks. But when he attempts pull off the same stunt over the moving

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  • Bay Area elementary school holds toy-gun exchange

    Strobridge Elementary School in Hayward, Calif., held a toy-gun exchange program over the weekend, according to a report from CBS-5 San Francisco.

    Inspired by gun buy-back programs that focus on getting weapons off the streets, Principal Charles Hill felt a similar program for toys made a lot of sense.

    "Playing with toys guns, saying 'I'm going to shoot you,' desensitizes them," said Hill, "so, as they get older, it's easier for them to use a real gun."

    Students who participated were given books in exchange for their toy guns. They were also enrolled in a raffle to win a bike, the event's grand prize.

    CBS-5 spoke with parents who had brought their children to trade in their guns. One mother said she was always against toy guns, but she noted that her son felt left out when he saw the other kids playing with theirs.

    Some of the guns shown in the CBS-5 report were clearly fake, but others that were exchanged might easily have passed for real weapons.

    Police Officer Braydon Wilson, who

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  • Photographer Randy Halverson is a native South Dakotan, and this time-lapse video, "Horizons," is his love letter to the state.

    Watch the captivating video, which features the dark skies of central and western South Dakota. The film captures night vistas up above—including shooting stars and the Milky Way—and tall stalks of corn waving in the breeze down below.

    "I shot Horizons from April – October 2012 mostly in South Dakota, but also some at Devils Tower in Wyoming. From the rugged Badlands, the White River valley and the Black Hills of South Dakota, the horizons seem to endlessly change," Halverson notes on his website.

    Just as with his past project, "Temporal Distortion," Halverson teams up with "Walking Dead" composer Bear McCreary for a fittingly moody soundtrack. This time he collaborated with brother Brendan McCreary, who sings with his band Young Beautiful in a Hurry.

    "Growing up in South Dakota the landscape itself can be beautiful at times, but that doesn't compare to what

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