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  • Huge Magnetic 'Ropes' Drive Powerful Sun Explosions
    Huge Magnetic 'Ropes' Drive Powerful Sun Explosions

    Known as magnetic flux ropes, coronal loops and solar prominences, these structures possess spiraling magnetic field lines, as if a huge bar magnet had been twisted into a corkscrew. Scientists have long thought magnetic flux ropes drive powerful solar explosions such as coronal mass ejections (CMEs), which can spawn geomagnetic storms that damage satellites in space and disrupt power grids on Earth. Two models for how magnetic flux ropes are involved have emerged. In the first model, a magnetic flux rope exists before the eruption.

  • Honda executives take pay cut after fifth Fit hybrid recall

    By Chang-Ran Kim TOKYO (Reuters) - Honda Motor Co said on Thursday its president and 12 other executives would take an unprecedented, quality-related pay cut after the Japanese automaker announced the fifth recall in a year of its new Fit hybrid model. The recall, which covers 425,825 Fit hybrid vehicles and other models in Japan, comes as Honda is facing lawsuits due to accidents involving airbags supplied by Takata Corp . The airbags have been linked to four deaths - all on Hondas - and have triggered a multi-million vehicle recall by many automakers worldwide. ...

  • Israel vows crackdown after Palestinian car attack
    Israel vows crackdown after Palestinian car attack

    Israel pledged Thursday a tough response to any further attacks in Jerusalem as police flooded flashpoint Arab neighbourhoods after a Palestinian rammed his car into a group of pedestrians and killed a baby. The second deadly incident involving a Palestinian vehicle in three months, Wednesday's attack prompted a sharp warning from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. "Jerusalem is united and was, and always will be, the eternal capital of Israel. Police dubbed as a "hit-and-run terror attack" Wednesday's incident in which Abdelrahman Shaludi, 21, drove at high speed into a crowd of Israelis, killing the baby and injuring another six people.

  • Ground offensive against Islamic State months away in Iraq: U.S.

    By Phil Stewart MACDILL AIR FORCE BASE Florida (Reuters) - Iraqi forces are months away from being able to start waging any kind of sustained ground offensive against the Islamic State and any similar effort in Syria will take longer, officials at the U.S. military's Central Command said on Thursday. In Iraq, the timing will depend on a host of factors, some out of the military's control - from Iraqi politics to the weather. Iraqi forces also must be trained, armed and ready before major advances, like one to retake the city of Mosul, which fell to the Islamic State in June."It's not imminent. ...

  • Dancing priests become Internet sensation
    Dancing priests become Internet sensation

    ROME (AP) — A video of a pair of dueling, dancing American priests studying in Rome has gone viral, following in the footsteps of a now-famous Italian nun whose Alicia Keys-esque voice won her a singing contest and a record contract.

  • Peshmerga 2.0: New generation of Kurd fighters in Iraq
    Peshmerga 2.0: New generation of Kurd fighters in Iraq

    After a tough day battling jihadists in northern Iraq, a group of young peshmerga fighters discuss English football results around a table littered with smartphones and vodka Red Bulls. "It's globalisation, it's a new world and we need to adapt to it," said Sirwan Barzani, who is commanding peshmerga forces fighting the Islamic State jihadist group. What is now the main security force of autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan for years enjoyed a reputation surviving off increasingly old successes, but since August, a new generation is experiencing combat. The Islamic State group, which swept into Iraq's Sunni heartland in June, made a secondary push in August, inflicting stinging defeats on the peshmerga and moving within striking distance of the Kurdish regional capital Arbil.

  • UK lawmakers slam police over Cliff Richard house search

    The search of Cliff Richard's house by police investigating allegations of child sex crimes, which was broadcast live on television, was "inept" and caused "irreparable damage" to the British singer's reputation, lawmakers said on Friday. Officers raided the home of Richard, 74, one of Britain's best-known entertainers, in August, with the search carried out in the glare of BBC cameras after the broadcaster was given advance warning. Richard has denied any wrongdoing over the allegations, which date back to the 1980s and involve an underage boy. "South Yorkshire Police's handling of this situation was utterly inept," said the committee's chairman Keith Vaz.

  • Aid needed to stem explosion of Ebola in Liberia: study
    Aid needed to stem explosion of Ebola in Liberia: study

    Without a massive scaleup of aid, the Ebola epidemic in Liberia will explode, according to a computer simulation published Friday of the nation's most populous county. The study -- using assumptions challenged by some experts -- projected that by December 15, Montserrado county could have up to 171,000 cases of Ebola. If, during November, another 4,800 beds are installed at treatment centres and health workers speed up fivefold the detection rate of Ebola cases, 77,312 Ebola cases could be averted by December 15, the study said. "Our predictions highlight the rapidly closing window of opportunity for controlling the outbreak and averting a catastrophic toll of new Ebola cases and deaths in the coming months," said Alison Galvani, a professor of epidemiology at Yale University's School of Public Health.

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