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  • Tom Cruise in 'Jack Reacher' (Paramount)Tom Cruise in 'Jack Reacher' (Paramount)

    Trailers are supposed to give moviegoers a taste of the full film. And to a large extent, they do the job. Sure, there are exceptions. Sometimes a comedy puts all the good jokes in the trailer or an explosion gets cut from an action film.

    Most of the time, moviegoers don't care. Most of the time. One New Zealand man, identified as J. Congdon, takes his explosions very seriously. The man was apparently so distressed by the fact that the 2012 Tom Cruise thriller "Jack Reacher" did not include an explosion that was featured in the trailer, he complained to his country's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

    The complaint from the movie buff referred to the missing explosion "where the whole cliff comes down" as "the defining part of the ad that made me really want to go see the movie... aside from having Tom Cruise in it."

    Paramount defended itself, citing a "usual and longstanding practice in the film industry that cinema trailers and television advertisements" are made long before the

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  • Where would the characters from "Downton Abbey" fit into the Great British class calculator? (AP)

    The British social class system isn’t what it once was, and most people would say that’s a good thing. Nonetheless, unofficial economic and cultural tiers still exist in the country. To address the ever-evolving stratification in the U.K., the BBC has launched its Great British class calculator.

    The online tool lets people (even Americans) find out where they fit among seven newly designated class labels.

    The two behind the calculator, Mike Savage from the London School of Economics and Fiona Devine from the University of Manchester, had first conducted the Great British Class Survey. They described the resulting calculator on the BBC website:

    “We devised a new way of measuring class, which doesn't define class just by the job that you do, but by the different kinds of economic, cultural and social resources or 'capitals' that people possess,” they wrote of the results.

    To start, the calculator asks some easily quantifiable questions, including how much annual income a person takes

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  • Screaming goat mistaken for man yelling for help

    Not the goat in question (file photo via Thinkstock)Not the goat in question (File photo/Thinkstock)

    A person in Putnam County, Tenn., heard a man screaming for help from somewhere nearby. The sheriff's department was called. Even the dispatcher could hear the screams through the telephone.

    According to the Herald-Citizen, which cites an incident report, Deputies Will Page and Gary Davis were sent to investigate. When they arrived, the two spoke to the person who called in the report. "We could hear what appeared to be a man screaming for help in the direction of a residence on Jackson Passage north of Edwards Lane,” Deputy Page wrote.

    Page went to search for the screamer, but instead of finding a man surrounded by snakes, he found a very vocal goat tied to a fence. The deputies spoke to the goat's owner and then assured the caller that everything was OK.

    Goats can sound a lot like people when they scream, a fact that has been documented in several viral videos. A few months ago, a compilation of goats screaming like terrified humans was all the rage. Folks have even sliced goat

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  • Divided, Scots prepare to vote on fate of the United Kingdom
    Divided, Scots prepare to vote on fate of the United Kingdom

    By Guy Faulconbridge and Alistair Smout EDINBURGH (Reuters) - Just hours before Scotland's independence referendum, the fate of the United Kingdom rests on hundreds of thousands of wavering Scottish voters, as opinion polls showed supporters of the 307-year union just a whisker ahead of secessionists. In an intense final day of campaigning on Wednesday, leaders of both sides beseeched Scots to seize the reins of history in a vote that has divided families, friends and lovers but also electrified this country of 5.3 million. ...

  • Jaguar XKE stolen in NY in 1968 recovered en route to Netherlands

    (Reuters) - U.S. authorities have recovered a Jaguar XKE stolen 46 years ago outside a New York City apartment after finding it on a ship to the Netherlands and tracking down the 82-year-old original owner of the British luxury car, officials said on Wednesday. A man who shipped the car from the Los Angeles and Long Beach seaport complex submitted paperwork to U.S. Customs and Border Protection in June, and an analyst who checked out the vehicle saw it had been reported stolen, said California Highway Patrol investigator Mike Maleta. ...

  • Stay or go? Scotland votes on independence from Britain
    Stay or go? Scotland votes on independence from Britain

    Edinburgh (AFP) - Scotland began voting Thursday on whether to become independent, in a referendum that could break up the centuries-old United Kingdom and create Europe's newest country since the collapse of Yugoslavia.

  • Australian PM says police raids follow threat of beheading

    By Matt Siegel SYDNEY (Reuters) - Intelligence showed that militants connected with Islamic State were planning to behead a member of the public in Australia, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Thursday after hundreds of police raided homes in a sweeping counter-terrorism operation. Abbott said there was a "serious risk from a terrorist attack" days after Australia raised its national terror threat level to "high" for the first time. The heightened alert cited the likelihood of attacks by Australians radicalized in Iraq or Syria. ...

  • Genetic history of modern Europeans a tangled tale, research finds

    By Will Dunham WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The genetic origins of modern Europeans may be more complicated than previously thought. Ancient people from Siberia who were related to the first humans to enter the Americas during the Ice Age also mingled with prehistoric populations in Europe and left their mark on the DNA of today's Europeans, scientists said on Wednesday. Their study, published in the journal Nature, is the latest to use sophisticated genetic research to clarify the ancestry of modern populations. Experts had thought today's Europeans descended from two other groups of people. ...

  • New IS video warns US over Iraq deployment
    New IS video warns US over Iraq deployment

    BEIRUT (AP) — The militant Islamic State group released a video warning the United States that its fighters are waiting for it in Iraq if President Barack Obama sends troops there, as his top general said may happen if the current strategy of airstrikes fails.

  • Doctor: Ford to undergo 40 days of chemotherapy
    Doctor: Ford to undergo 40 days of chemotherapy

    TORONTO (AP) — Doctors say Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will undergo 40 days of chemotherapy to treat a rare and difficult-to-beat cancer that forced him to drop his bid for re-election.

  • Russian billionaire placed under house arrest
    Russian billionaire placed under house arrest

    MOSCOW (AP) — A billionaire Russian tycoon was placed under house arrest Tuesday in a money-laundering case that has drawn comparisons with a government crackdown on Russia's Yukos oil company more than a decade ago.

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