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  • Couple gets married at relative’s funeral

    A Philadelphia couple honored a deceased relative by getting married at his funeral. reports that Reggie Wade and Monique McMillian-Wade tied the knot earlier this month at the funeral service for Wade's uncle, Gregory Scott, who had been shot and killed outside his home a few weeks before.

    Here's where it gets really heartbreaking. Before he was shot, Scott promised McMillian-Wade that he would walk her down the aisle because her own father had died.

    "This was the last time his presence was gonna be here with us, and he promised me," Wade said, referring to the wedding within a funeral. "It's like I got to live up to my word. We never lie to each other."

    According to's report, Scott's widow, Alfreda Johnson-Scott, was very supportive of the unconventional combination. "We keep our promises, and he promised to give her away," she said. "It might not have been the right way, but he still gave her away—and he was dressed for the occasion."

    Scott was a much admired

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  • Some people will tell you that pain is the basis of spiritual growth. Sorrow, regret and eventually letting go are life lessons we all go through at some point.

    But not all of us experience those painfully emotional moments in association with our wisdom teeth. And even fewer have had to deal with the moment being captured on video and posted to the delight of countless strangers.

    But that’s exactly what Kansas teen Abbie Kritz is going through, after her boyfriend posted a video of Kritz lamenting the loss of her wisdom teeth while under the influence of pain medication.

    "I did it against my own will, I would have kept you," Kritz says earnestly to the removed wisdom teeth, which she is holding inside a plastic jar while being driven home by her mother.

    "I loved you from the first moment on."

    Her boyfriend and mom can be heard laughing in disbelief as Kritz continues the soliloquy to her lost choppers.

    "They were just trying to help me chew and I didn't accept them," she explains." I

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  • A new survey claims adults text more while driving than teens. (Yahoo!)As adults continue to mirror the social media habits of the nation’s youth, it appears some of the bad behaviors are being adopted as well. In fact, the grown-ups have apparently become the greater offenders when it comes to one particularly dangerous behavior: Texting while driving.

    That's according to a new study conducted by AT&T, reported in USA Today, that shows adults text more while driving than their teenage counterparts.

    The study finds that nearly half of all adults admit to texting while driving, with 98 percent of them saying they know the practice is dangerous. Conversely, 43 percent of teenagers admit to texting while behind the wheel.

    "I was a little bit surprised," Charlene Lake, AT&T's senior vice president of public affairs, told USA Today.

    But why do adults text while driving if they know it's unwise? The answers are complicated, but according to some adults who told Yahoo News about their own distracted driving, they feel shame, guilt and stubbornness when texting.

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