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  • File photo of police lights (Thinkstock)File photo of police lights (Thinkstock)

    How to impress a woman? The question has befuddled generations of men. Sure, you could go the traditional route and offer a few thoughtful compliments while subtly mentioning that you were all-county shot put in high school. Or, you could do what a Jonesboro, Ark., man did and stage a knife attack in a parking lot.

    Not surprisingly, Jeffrey Tyler Siegel's ruse didn't go quite as planned. According to KAIT8, Siegel and a woman he was out on a date with were walking after an evening out. That's when a man in black appeared and told Siegel, "You can go. But your girlfriend stays."

    Siegel's date screamed and ran off to get help, while Siegel claimed he stayed and fought the knife-wielding attacker. Police and canine units searched the surrounding area for the attacker but came up empty. After a few hours, the hunt was called off.

    Investigators contacted the woman about the attack a few days later, and she said something interesting: Siegel had been texting a lot and acting odd in the

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  • Sure, we know there’s no screaming in space. But there’s also no flushing. And no hair brushing.

    Pay attention, because these are things you too can learn by watching former International Space Station Commander Sunita Williams walk—or should we say, float her way—through a typical morning in space.

    Spoiler alert: Zero gravity is a pain in the neck, and other places.

    First, Williams is a perfect host for a video tour: She’s a veteran space traveler with 195 days of space flight—the longest time in space for a woman. And she lived on the space station for four months.

    As the astronaut explains on the NASA video, sleeping on the space station is very different from snoozing in your comfy bed on planet Earth. Instead, there are sleep pods and sleeping bags—and it doesn’t matter if your bed is located upside down or sideways. Your body won’t know the difference. Each cubby also comes equipped with a docked laptop and personal items, like clothes.

    Once you get up, it’s time for the morning

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  • A Pennsylvania high school is asking its students to stop using Axe Body Spray after one was hospitalized with an apparent allergic reaction to the scented aerosol deodorant.

    An official at Freedom High School in Bethlehem posted an alert on the school's website on Tuesday notifying parents, faculty and students of the request:

    The purpose of this posting is to make all parents, staff and students aware of a medical issue involving a Freedom High School student having an extreme allergy to Axe Body Spray. This allergy is potentially life-threatening for this student. Most recently this student has been transported to the hospital by ambulance for emergency medical treatment due to this student being exposed to Axe Body Spray while attending school.

    My request to all Freedom Family members is that we take into consideration this student’s allergy to Axe Body Spray and refrain from using it as your cologne or fragrance of choice while attending Freedom High School.

    On behalf of this student’s family and myself, thank you for your consideration.

    The student's condition, or what specifically caused the allergy, was not immediately known. Freedom High School principal Michael LaPorta Jr. did not immediately return a phone call and email seeking comment.

    A spokesman for Unilever, which owns Axe, said the company is aware of the report and is looking into the matter.

    “The safety and well-being of those who use our products is always our first priority," the spokesman said in a statement to Yahoo News. "If there are any issues with our products, we advise consumers to reach out to our Consumer Services Team at our 800 phone number, which is available on the back of our product packaging.”

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