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  • B-I-N-G-Oh, no he didn’t!

    A northern Kentucky teen has been banned from saying the word "Bingo" for six months by a district judge.

    Why? Last month, Austin Whaley walked into a local bingo hall filled with patrons, many of them elderly women. Whaley shouted the word "Bingo!" as a joke, causing no small amount of kerfuffling among the patrons, according to KETV.

    It might have gone down as just a harmless (if annoying) prank. But unfortunately for Whaley, Park Hills Police Sgt. Richard Webster was working off-duty security detail at the time (must be some high rollers at this bingo hall).

    Webster cited Whaley for disorderly conduct. About a month later, Whaley appeared before District Judge Douglas Grothaus, who ordered Whaley to not say the word "bingo" for six months. If Whaley fails to comply, he could face 90 days in the big house and a $250 fine. If Whaley follows through, the judge said the charge would be dropped.

    Whaley and his family are taking the charge in good humor. He has even altered his

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  • Man walks backward, video goes forward

    A single-take video featuring an artist walking through the streets of Jerusalem scored over 1 million views during its first day on YouTube.

    What's so great about a guy who can walk? In this case, the artist, Messe Kopp, walked backward while the video was filmed. It looks like he's walking forward only because the video is actually playing in reverse.

    The effect is pretty neat. Table legs fly from Kopp's hands. Picture frames start out broken and then—voila!—they're whole again. The music by Fred V & Grafix isn't bad, either.

    Of course, the idea of shooting a film backward is nothing new. The Pharcyde's video for "Drop" features a similar technique. And there are many other examples. But we still have to give props to Kopp, not only for his ability to stroll backward without tripping on a curb, but for his courage to make the video in the first place. Poor guy must have looked like a lunatic.

    In fact, you can watch that (original) version and judge for yourself.

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  • Man arrested after trying to claim mansion as his own

    The good life didn't last long for Lamont Butler.

    The 28-year-old self-described "Moorish American national" moved into an empty mansion in Bethesda, Md., claiming it as his own. He was arrested just a few hours later for breaking and entering, fraud and attempted theft.

    According to The Washington Post, Butler cited a 1787 peace treaty and the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations as proof that the mansion, currently up for sale for $6 million, was lawfully his. The police disagreed.

    Just last month, a Memphis woman, also claiming to be a Moorish American national, squatted in an empty mansion. After several days inside the unfurnished home, the woman was arrested while driving late at night. A SWAT team then raided the home to make sure there was nobody else inside.

    Another example of squatting: In Seattle, a scammer (not a Moorish American national) who squatted in upscale homes for five years is currently wanted by authorities. Jessica Card, 58, pretended to be a wealthy

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