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  • Minh Tsai (Photo courtesy of Hodo Soy Beanery)Local, artisanal, organic … tofu.

    That’s right. The lowly, tasteless vegetarian block of blah has gotten a foodie makeover—and the spotlight. The better-tasting tofu is now appearing as part of a local test on the menu of the national chain Chipotle Mexican Grill.

    The man who wants to convince you that you will love tofu is Minh Tsai, founder of Hodo Soy Beanery in Oakland, Calif.

    The self-described tofu master said he’s not surprised meat eaters go running from the stuff. Even though tofu as a vegetarian staple has been around since the '70s, “People eat tofu because it’s healthy,” he said. “But you should eat it because it tastes damn good.”

    Let’s not kid ourselves. We’re still talking about tofu, made from soybean. But the product in some variations looks nothing like tofu consumers have come to expect. The Yuba from Hodo Soy Beanery is long, paper-thin strips of tofu skin that find their way into salads or soups, for example. And the more conventional white blocks served as-is or

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  • Man gets back class ring 40 years after losing it

    A man who lost his class ring 40 years ago found it again thanks, in part, to Facebook. reports that Richard Hale lost his prized ring in 1972, when he was a recent high school graduate. Hale initially gave the ring to his then-girlfriend and now-wife Betty Ann to wear. "I was scared I was going to lose it," she told "So I gave it back to him, and he loses it."

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    Hale said he accidentally tossed the ring from his car in 1972 and hadn't seen it since. Until now. His brother apparently saw the ring on Facebook and passed on the information to Hale.

    Ellen Ramey had found it all those years ago. She told that she had always hoped to get the ring back to its owner. "My mother had a class ring," Ramey said. "I wore it to school and lost it, and it just stayed in my mind that it was important that these people get their ring back."

    Ramey and Hale connected on Facebook, and now the ring

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  • Squatter in $3 million Memphis mansion arrested

    Squatter evicted from Memphis mansion (Zillow)A Memphis mansion in which a squatter had been living. (Zillow)

    A strange drama came to an end in Memphis early Friday morning when a woman accused of squatting in a $3 million mansion was arrested after being pulled over in a white Jaguar. Tabitha Gentry, aka Abka Re Bey, was taken into custody along with her 13-year-old daughter, who was also in the car, according to local TV station WMC.

    The station reported that police had planned to storm the mansion and evict Gentry, but it proved unnecessary after the woman was spotted in her car. After Gentry's arrest, a Memphis SWAT team sawed through the padlocked gate and entered the mansion with search dogs. Nobody else was found on the grounds.

    WMC said Gentry had posted a sign on the mansion's gate saying that the bank cannot own the home and that her "indigenous ancestry grants her the deed" (Gentry claimed membership in a Moorish National group). Police apparently disagreed.

    Gentry's bond has been set at $2 million, and she faces a judge on Monday. She has had legal problems in the past, including

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