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  • This Los Angeles gas station could soon become a lottery station for gamblers (Reuters)


    Looking to fill that fill that precious time while putting gas into your car? A new proposal in California would allow customers to buy lottery tickets from the same machine that pumps their gas.

    "It takes like about 30 seconds to actually buy your lottery tickets," California Lottery spokesman Russ Lopez said about the proposal. "So it's not going to hold up the line."

    Local affiliate ABC News 10 reports that customers could use their credit or debit cards to purchase the tickets. Customers would be limited to three games: Mega Millions, Powerball, and Super Lotto Plus.

    If approved, the ability to purchase lottery tickets directly from the gas pump would be added to between 100 and 150 stations in the state, mostly in Los Angeles and Sacramento.

    But perhaps most interestingly, any winnings of $600 or less would then be instantly credited to the debit or credit card used in the transaction.

    Lopez says the state lottery commission has gotten positive feedback from gas station owners,

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  • Nelson Dellis (R) trying to memorize a deck of cards during the 2013 U.S. Memory Championships (Yahoo News)

    UPDATE: Dellis won his third U.S. Memory Championship title on Saturday. Original story begins below.


    The 17th annual U.S. Memory Championship held in New York on Saturday is almost an anomaly in the age of disposable information and competitions built around who can eat the most hot dogs.

    But two-time champion Nelson Dellis tells Yahoo News that the same routines he’s developed to become a memory champion work for all who want to improve their mental health.

    “Over this past five years I’ve focused on four key areas: keeping my mind active, eating the right foods, being active in physical fitness and surrounding myself with a strong social circle of friends and family,” Dellis, 30, said.

    He says there’s nothing magical to explain how he went from a mostly average young man to someone who can memorize an entire deck of cards in five minutes.

    “It’s the same techniques but greater volume in terms of practice involved,” he said.

    Competitors in the U.S. Memory Championship square off

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  • Your font is showing: Student comes up with plan to save U.S. big bucks

    Change type style on government documents and use less ink

    Adobe Garamond Pro (Wikimedia Commons)

    Politicians on both sides of the aisle like to talk about cutting costs in Washington. But few, if any, have ever come up with an idea as simple as the one recently proposed by 14-year-old student Suvir Mirchandani.

    Change the font.

    Suvir's story was recently reported on The Pittsburgh-area student began his quest by trying to think of ways to save his school district a few bucks. After examining different handouts provided by teachers in different classes, he noticed that the fonts varied and some seemed to require a lot more ink than others.

    Suvir, whom we hope got extra credit for his impressive work, discovered that the most commonly used letters on handouts seemed to be r, a, e, o and t. Armed with that information, he set to work looking at how different fonts treated each letter, CNN reports. Suvir found that of the fonts he tested, Garamond (named after Claude Garamond, the original designer of the typeface) would require the least amount of ink and could save his

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  • Catalan language revival fuels backlash in Spain

    By Fiona Ortiz CORNELLA DE LLOBREGAT Spain (Reuters) - Francesca Munoz, the principal at Sant Miquel primary school near Barcelona, is fighting a linguistic crusade that has fueled a remarkable recovery of the local Catalan tongue – and of the region’s secessionist movement. For 30 years, public schools in Spain's Catalonia region have taught most subjects in Catalan, not the national Castilian Spanish language. There are now some 10 million Catalan speakers in or near the region bordering France and the Mediterranean, putting the language in a league with Swedish and Greek after it was repressed under the 1939-1975 dictatorship of Francisco Franco. Such is the strength of the Catalan renaissance that it is prompting a backlash among some parents concerned their children are getting short-changed on Spanish, the world’s second-most spoken language by native speakers after Mandarin.

  • How Putin outmaneuvered the US in resupplying the Iraqi military
    How Putin outmaneuvered the US in resupplying the Iraqi military

    The retreat of U.S. contractor and embassy personnel, and failure to follow through in a timely fashion on U.S. promises of military equipment for Iraq, is feeding a widespread narrative of declining American influence and commitment to the Middle East.

  • Palestinian death toll rises to 77 as Israel hits Gaza over rocket fire
    Palestinian death toll rises to 77 as Israel hits Gaza over rocket fire

    By Nidal al-Mughrabi and Jeffrey Heller GAZA/JERUSALEM (Reuters) - At least 77 Palestinians, most of them civilians, have been killed in Israel's Gaza offensive, Palestinian officials said on Thursday, and militants kept up rocket attacks on Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and other cities in warfare showing no signs of ending soon. Eight Palestinian family members, including five children, were killed in an early morning air strike that destroyed at least two homes in Khan Younis in southern Gaza, the Palestinian Health ministry said. Israel's military made no comment on what would be the deadliest strike since the offensive began on Tuesday. "We have long days of fighting ahead of us," Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon said on Thursday of the offensive which began after a build-up of violence following the killing of three Jewish students last month and the murder of a Palestinian teen in a suspected revenge attack.

  • Boeing will 'fight' revamped Airbus A330, defends 787

    Boeing hit back on Thursday at proposals by rival Airbus to revamp its A330 passenger jet, saying it would "fight" in the marketplace and was confident that its newer 787 Dreamliner was a more valuable plane. European planemaker Airbus is close to launching an upgrade of its best-selling jet with new Rolls-Royce engines in an effort to bolster sales in the largest segment by volume for wide-body jets seating more than 250 passengers. "We have more value and have to sell our value, but we will fight, there is no doubt about that," said Randy Tinseth, Vice President of Marketing at Boeing Commercial Airplanes. "But we also have a better product with better value and that is the card we will play." The two planemakers, which will both be announcing deals and showcasing their latest products at next week's Farnborough Airshow, have clashed over the weight and efficiency of their jets in the 250- to 300-seat segment of the jetliner market.

  • Mayor Ford 'scuffled with addicts in rehab'
    Mayor Ford 'scuffled with addicts in rehab'

    Crack-smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was verbally abusive and scuffled with fellow addicts during his two months in drug-and-drink rehab, Canadian media said Wednesday. Ford, who is seeking re-election in October despite revelations that he smoked crack while in office, returned to work last month after rehab proclaiming he was on the "long, long road to recovery" and had "begun the process of taking control of my life." "Ford broke things, got into fights with other residents," one source said. Management was concerned that Ford may have continued to use drugs or alcohol during his time in rehab, the report said, though it was unable to determine if that had actually been the case.

  • Rick Perry's Immigration Meeting With Obama Produces Photo for the Ages
    Rick Perry's Immigration Meeting With Obama Produces Photo for the Ages

    So, how did President Obama's meeting with Republican Governor Rick Perry go today? In a statement on Wednesday, Obama described the meeting as "constructive," but, well, this photo also exists. It's not immediately clear what the context of this photo was — Is Perry sad? Or maybe Perry just makes the Robert De Niro shrug face a lot for no reason.

  • L.A. Dodgers must pay $15 million to baseball fan beaten at stadium

    By Dana Feldman LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A jury on Wednesday found the Los Angeles Dodgers negligent in a 2011 assault on a fan at their stadium that left him permanently disabled, ordering the team to pay some $15 million in civil damages but clearing the former club owner of liability. The Los Angeles Superior Court jury reached its verdict on the ninth day of deliberations over the lawsuit brought by Bryan Stow, a father of two and former paramedic from northern California who was beaten by two men in the Dodger Stadium parking lot after a season-opening game against the San Francisco Giants. The lawsuit alleged that the Dodgers and Frank McCourt, who was the team's owner at the time, were to blame for lax stadium security that Stow said created an unsafe atmosphere where criminals felt emboldened to prey on others. The jury agreed the two men were mostly responsible for the harm caused to Stow but also found that the Dodgers as a team bore 25 percent of the responsibility.

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