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  • Habanero peppers hidden on a playground led to the evacuation of a school and the hospitalization of several Lakewood, Colo., students on Monday.

    Students had complained of skin and eye irritation. Officials were initially unsure what was causing the illnesses, according to 9 News. On Tuesday, authorities announced that the "toxic irritant" was pieces of about six habanero peppers that had been mixed in with the playground's wood chips.

     Jefferson County schools spokesperson Lynn Setzer told the Associated Press it isn't yet known how the peppers ended up on the playground.

    Police, firefighters, and a hazardous materials team all responded to the scene. Students ranging from prekindergarten through 12th grade attend the school. Some were treated on the scene; others were taken to the hospital for further observation.

    Following the evacuation, all students were sent home. The school was closed on Tuesday so that playground equipment and indoor surfaces could be cleaned. Classes are

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  • It's all in the share, and the buzz

    How Oliver Luckett's company shapes online image of President Obama, Ford Motor Co., celebrities

    Oliver Luckett inside his offices at theAudience (Yahoo News)

    In an era when just about everyone has a Facebook page, why did President Barack Obama, the Ford Motor Co. and Ian Somerhalder turn to the same person to manage their online voices?

    Oliver Luckett and his company, theAudience, are virtual producers, creating thousands of pieces of content per month: Facebook pages, videos, Twitter messages — just about anything with the potential to go viral.

    Luckett says old models of communication have lost influence; building original, shareable content is now the most valuable way to connect with people. And he argues that the same principles apply whether you’re campaigning for leader of the free world or selling cars.

    “I’m shocked that so much money is still spent on television," Luckett told Yahoo News during an interview at his offices in Los Angeles. “The online audience is your distribution now.”

    In February, Cadillac received much attention, and some ridicule, for its TV commercial extolling the values of American consumer culture. Last

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  • The photo taken by NASA's Mars Curiosity rover (NASA)

    Life on Mars? How about light on Mars? Actually, how about neither?

    NASA's Curiosity rover snapped an image of what appears to be a bright white light shining on the planet's horizon. The speculation surrounding the photo was covered by many outlets, including NBC News and the Houston Chronicle.

    So what is it? Is it a UFO?  It's a UFO, right? Come on, say it's a UFO, will ya?

    Well, no. Yahoo News asked NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory what was up. In an email, Justin Maki, an imaging scientist there and the lead for the Curiosity's engineering cameras, explained that the "bright spots" appear in images taken by the stereo camera's right-eye camera, but not the left.

    "In the two right-eye images, the spot is in different locations of the image frame and, in both cases, at the ground surface level in front of a crater rim on the horizon."

    "One possibility is that the light is the glint from a rock surface reflecting the sun. When these images were taken each day, the sun was in the same

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  • Gold medalist Michael Phelps pleads guilty to DUI
    Gold medalist Michael Phelps pleads guilty to DUI

    BALTIMORE (AP) — Olympic gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps avoided jail time on Friday when a judge placed him on probation for pleading guilty to a drunken driving charge for the second time in 10 years. The punishment came with a warning.

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