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  • Mystery behind ‘Indiana Jones’ package solved

    Indiana Jones is still getting mail (photo: UChicago Admissions)Indiana Jones is still getting mail. (University of Chicago admissions department)

    Last week, a mysterious package arrived at the University of Chicago. Addressed to Henry Walton Jones Jr., the brown-paper-wrapped package featured Egyptian postage and was tied with old-fashioned string. At first, the University's admissions department didn't know what to make of it—there was no Henry Jones on staff. But then a movie buff pointed out that that's the name of the great (and fictional) archaeologist, Dr. Indiana Jones.

    So, why the heck was Indiana "Don't call me Junior" Jones getting mail at the University of Chicago? It turns out the package was actually a replica of a journal written by "Raiders of the Lost Ark" character Abner Ravenwood. This particular replica was created by a "Raiders" enthusiast who then sold it online. Apparently the journal fell out of its box at some point (it was supposed to go to a buyer in Italy), and the mail service assumed the decorative package was the real thing. (In the films, Jones attended the University of Chicago, where he met

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  • Sable is the cat on duty at Enterprise Middle School. (KAPP News)Most cats seem to go out of their way to block their owners from walking in straight lines. But one feline has taken a decidedly different path, becoming, in essence, a crosswalk guard at a middle school.

    “He just kept going out there, and we would watch him from the window,” owner Tamara Morris told KAPP News. “He just hung out there and couldn’t wait to be around the kids.”

    Fifteen-year-old Sable has been on his self-appointed crosswalk duty for only a year, but the kids and administrators at Enterprise Middle School in West Richland, Wash., say he has already become a dependable part of the team.

    “It will walk out and come stand in, like, its position,” said student safety patrol member Courtney Budge.

    Each morning, Monday through Friday, Sable walks outside shortly before the school bell rings. Once all the children have finished crossing the street to the school, he heads back indoors.

    “He just knows when to be out there, knows when it’s time to go back in and then, in the afternoon, he knows when it’s time to be out and to go again,” said safety patrol adviser Monti Franckowiak.

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  • An Australian dingo in the wild (Wikicommons)Australia's dingo population is no stranger to getting blamed for crimes. But this time there is irrefutable evidence that a dingo stole a British woman's bag containing thousands in cash and jewelry.

    Australian network ABC reports that the 58-year-old woman was walking along a beach in New South Wales on Wednesday when the dingo made the grab.

    Several witnesses tried unsuccessfully to warn the woman and another individual took photos of the dingo racing off into the nearby dunes.

    The Australian dingo often makes its home in sandy areas near bodies of water. It's considered an apex predator, meaning it has no known rivals in the wild. However, interbreeding with other wild dogs has led to the dingo becoming a protected animal in Australia, with certain habitats designated for pure dingos.

    There have been several reported dingo attacks against humans, but this appears to be an extremely rare case of an animal "robbing" a person of personal belongings.

    Police were eventually able to

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  • Report questions role of wealth in Lanza's care
    Report questions role of wealth in Lanza's care

    HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — A new report asks whether the race and affluence of Adam Lanza's family influenced decisions about how to care for his mental health problems in the years before he committed the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

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