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  • Porcupine quills inspire new type of hypodermic needle

    A microscopic view of a replica porcupine quill (Karp Lab/PA)A microscopic view of a replica porcupine quill (Karp Lab/PA)

    The hypodermic needle has been around a while—many believe the concept even dates back centuries. Of course, there have been upgrades throughout the years, and now there might be another: Researchers believe porcupine needles could serve as inspiration for a new and improved version.

    According to a scientific paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers found that porcupine needles contain "microscopic backward-facing deployable barbs" that enable penetration and "high tissue adhesion."

    In plain English, that means the needles are really good at both breaking the skin and staying in place thanks to the barbs. The discovery could help those who require long-term IVs and be used for medical treatments that require staples to keep a wound from splitting.

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    The scientists made the discovery by measuring "how much force it took to push in and pull out porcupine quills into pig

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  • A 2008 photo of Daryl Hall and John Oates (Wikicommons)Rock 'n' roll feuds are as storied as the musical genre itself. But when we saw that Oates is accused of biting Hall in the face, it appeared one of the '80s biggest powerhouse bands would be silenced.

    But rest assured, the auteurs behind  soft rock hits such as "Maneater" have not turned on each other. The pair at the center of this jaw-dropping story just happen to share the same surnames as the pop duo.

    Local ABC affiliate NewsChannel5 reports that Robert Oates of Virginia was charged with biting his neighbor, Scott Hall, in the face.

    According to police, the altercation stemmed over Hall's refusal to testify on Oates' behalf as a character witness in an upcoming trial.

    Oates reportedly resisted arrest, leading police to use the Taser on the 48-year-old. Police say Oates and a friend who contributed to the alleged assault were both "highly intoxicated and yelling." Both men have been charged with felonious assault and resisting arrest.

    Hall, 40, suffered wounds to his face, with a

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  • LOL: Some students to major in social media

    Philosophy majors may finally be off the hook. Some students are taking up a major that will be sure to confound parents who are shelling out thousands for their kids' college educations: Social media. OMG!

    Alas, this does not mean that everyone obsessed with their Facebook status updates is now eligible for an advanced degree.

    But some students will be able to major in a new multidisciplinary degree at Newberry College in Newberry, South Carolina. Surfaced by Bizjournals, the degree, as reported by the local Columbia, South Carolina, station WACH FOX 57, is apparently one of the first of its kind.

    For those who think it's all Foursquare check-ins and Tumblr photos of cats, think again. "It's a blended major of graphic design, communications, business and marketing, psychology, and statistics," Newberry College's Associate Professor Tania Sosiak told the station.

    It's also a smart way to entice entrepreneurial-minded students to stay in school. (And a great excuse to tell parents all

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