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  • Bottles of wine are pictured at a London store ( LUKE MACGREGOR/Reuters)Bottles of wine are pictured at a London store. (Luke MacGregor/Reuters)

    It seems borderline sacrilegious. A group of vandals destroyed millions of dollars worth of Case Basse di Soldera wine in Italy's Tuscan hills. No bottles were stolen.

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    About 16,500 gallons of future Brunello di Montalcino were lost. The winery's owner posted a statement following the destruction, which read it part:

    "This gesture deserves no description, such is the seriousness that it will ring out well beyond the boundaries of our winery. The authorities will do their duty, we trust, with the help of those who want to collaborate."

    Brunello is one of Italy's best known (and priciest) wines. Bloomberg reports that it is made "exclusively with Sangiovese grapes according to the standards set in 1888 for the producers. The wine is aged in oak casks for five years before it can be drunk." Bottles of the winery's 2006 vintage sell for between $250 and $350 each. This ain't your average bottle of Two Buck Chuck.

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  • Nefertiti, in its enclosure aboard the International Space Station (NASA)The vacuum of space was a minor inconvenience, but the poisonous atmosphere in Washington, D.C., proved too much for the world's first "spidernaut."

    After just four days at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History, "Nefertiti," a Johnson jumping spider, was found dead in its enclosure. But as the Daily Camera notes, the spider's passing came after it managed to survive a 42-million-mile journey that included 100 days aboard the International Space Station and a landing in the Pacific Ocean.

    "That's how it is with living organisms. You just never know," said Stefanie Countryman, manager of K-12 educational projects at the University of Colorado's BioServe Space Technologies. "Someone didn't squish her. It wasn't something someone did. She had been eating well at the Smithsonian and active. There is no other explanation other than that she was reaching the end of her lifespan."

    Neffi was 10 months old; the Johnson jumping spider typically lives about a year. While the Smithsonian said the spider of died of natural causes, it also confirmed that no postmortem tests were performed on Neffi.

    "We want to add her to our collection so that we can continue to learn about spiders," said Smithsonian press officer Kelly Carnes. "And she is much more useful as a research specimen if we keep her intact."

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  • Craft & Commerce (Yelp)

    A San Diego restaurant has taken a unique approach to dealing with bad Yelp reviews, broadcasting voice-over versions in its restrooms, according to Restaurant Hospitality.

    The gastropub, Craft & Commerce, is located in San Diego's Little Italy district.

    "I have never been in a place that tries so hard," one review declares. "The place is jammed with hipsters eating corn dogs."

    "The food doesn't live up to the hype," another says. "Biscuits that taste like the ones from Red Lobster but half the size."

    "FRIES—Too chewy and hard," reads another. "In my opinion, not ideal. If I came back, I'd substitute the fries for something else."

    Craft & Commerce co-owner Arsalun Tafazoli told the San Diego Bugle, "We just thought that some of the reviews on Yelp were so melodramatic. The way these reviews are written, it's like people are appalled at something we've done. So we thought this was a funny way to respond."

    The restaurant can afford to take the bad reviews lightly—it was recently named one of the 50 best bars in America by Food & Wine magazine.

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