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  • Using The Eye Tribe's hands-free technology on a Windows 8 tablet ( the near future, we may be using our eyes to operate our smartphones and tablets, even when it comes to playing popular games like Fruit Ninja.

    NPR profiled the GazeGroup, which has been developing eye-controlled computer technology for nearly 20 years. But those devices have been primarily designed to aid those with disabilities, and are typically very expensive.

    "After a while, we figured out that probably the best way is to go for a mass-market approach," says Gaze's Sune Alstrup Johansen. "Where everybody would have this available."

    Johansen and some of his colleagues have formed a new company, The Eye Tribe, which is hoping to develop the technology on a mass commercial level.

    The technology works by projecting an infrared light from the computing device toward the user's face. After calibrating with the user's eye movements, the technology is then able to easily detect where a person's eyes are moving, allowing the eyes to control a cursor.

    "Our software can then determine the

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  • Store employee fired after ‘booting’ ambulance

    One generally assumes that an ambulance with its lights flashing can park wherever it pleases. This past weekend in New Orleans, a parked ambulance was "booted" by a convenience store employee, who was apparently annoyed that the ambulance had parked in his store's lot. Never mind that the paramedics were treating a man inside the store. That employee has since been fired.

    According to a report from, the paramedics put the patient in the back of the ambulance and began to drive away when the vehicle came to a sudden stop. The medics saw that someone had put a boot on their vehicle. When a store employee finally removed the boot, the tire was flat. The paramedics had to call for backup while the man with chest pains waited in the back.

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    Jeb Tate, spokesman for New Orleans Emergency Medical Services, said, "We actually had to delay that patient's care by calling another ambulance out here to come transport this

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  • The Puppy Room advertisement posted by the Dalhousie Student Union (Facebook)University students are well versed in coming up with ways to cope with the stress of college life. But some students at a college in Canada have started a new trend that is family-friendly, opening a puppy room for students during finals week.

    The National Post reports that for three days during finals week (Dec. 4-6), students at Dalhousie University can spend some time with therapeutic dogs, which are being brought in by Therapeutic Paws of Canada.

    "It fills a niche that people need right now because students are superstressed," Michael Kean, an environmental science student who first proposed the idea, told the Post.

    After the student union first advertised the event on its Facebook page, the Puppy Room has gone viral across social networking sites.

    "Our expectations are pretty high right now," Gavin Jardine, vice president of student life at Dalhousie told the Post. "We had 1,800 shares, thousands of 'likes.' It's gone viral on Twitter as well."

    Don LeBlanc of Therapeutic Paws of

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