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  • Artist seeks a garden in the sky

    UrbanAir wants to transform billboards to bamboo gardens.The Urban Air concept (Stephen Glassman)

    Artist Stephen Glassman wants you to look up. The Los Angeles-based artist is looking to create an urban air garden above the streets of L.A.

    Right now the air garden is in the concept phase. If enough money is raised (Glassman is seeking $100,000 on Kickstarter), the City of Angels will be home to a floating garden of bamboo on an old billboard support above an on-ramp to Interstate 10 (see concept photo above). Even in a city like L.A. where anything goes, the garden would be sure to turn heads.

    We spoke with the artist via email about his project. Much of Urban Air's inspiration can be traced to Glassman's childhood and the Northridge earthquake of 1994.

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    "As a child I was deaf, and unable to hear," Glassman said. "I didn't learn to speak until I was nearly 5 years old. During this time I drew a lot, and felt as if I somehow succeeded in communicating anyway I absorbed the sensory information of my environment, but I was unable to

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  • Comedian Groucho Marx was voted as having the best facial hair in an online survey. (Wikicommons)A new survey confirms that America is a country full of "Marxists." But in this case, we're talking about facial hair, not political preferences.

    According to results from the survey, Americans chose the late comedian Groucho Marx as having the best facial hair. Of course, the results were particularly noteworthy since Marx's mustache was a fake for most of his career.

    Marx's trademark mustache was actually made of greasepaint, though he chose to grow a real mustache in later years rather than applying the makeup for performances.

    Two of the three top finishers in the survey are fictional characters. The runners-up to Groucho Marx were the Dr. Seuss character the Lorax and the "Hunger Games" character Seneca Crane.

    When it comes to the facial hair of everyday, real-life people, the survey found that North Americans overwhelmingly favor the mustache (72.8 percent) over any other kind of facial hair. Beards were a distant second (14.6 percent), followed by sideburns (6.8

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  • A man's quest to overcome his fear of rejection by making at least one crazy request a day for 100 days was throttled last week when a Krispy Kreme employee accepted his order for five doughnuts linked together in the colors and shape of the Olympic symbol.

    "It's only my third day and I have already failed," Jia Jiang wrote on his 100 Days of Rejection Therapy blog. "But I did so with such amazement and happiness."

    When the 31-year-old approached the register to make his "specialized" doughnut order, Jackie Braun, a shift leader at an Austin, Texas, Krispy Kreme, asked him when he would need it.

    "In the next 15 minutes," Jiang replied.

    "I was honestly just hoping for a 'no' and to go home," Jiang told Yahoo News in an interview on Monday.

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