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  • Santa gets stuck (and not in a chimney)

    Where's Rudolph when you need him?

    At a mall in England, a man dressed as Father Christmas was rappelling from a skylight when his (fake) beard got stuck in the rappelling device, leaving the man dangling several stories high.

    The stunt started well enough. Father Christmas (played by Steve Chessell of England's 11th Battalion Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, according to Neatorama) began lowering himself, pausing every few feet to wave to the cheering crowd.

    But then, disaster. The beard got caught and poor Santa couldn't move. Adding insult to injury—the entire fiasco was being taped.

    The U.K.'s Metro spoke with mall marketing manager Stephanie Maynard, who praised Chessell's grace in an awkward situation. "He could have just taken his beard off and let himself down, but he was such a professional and he didn't want to let the children down," she said.

    Eventually, Santa escaped when another military man rappelled next to him and freed the beard. The chuckles turned back

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  • Should police have arrested a man after he wore this watch to the airport? (Alameda County Sheriff's Office)California teacher and artist Geoffrey McGann made a fashion faux pas when he showed up at Oakland International Airport wearing a watch that looked like the timing device for a bomb.

    But the San Jose Mercury News reports that police have decided to not file charges against McGann, 49, who was temporarily arrested after being removed from an airport security line last week. He was released after posting $150,000 bail.

    "It's something for TSA to be vigilant, but it's something else to by hypervigilant," McGann's attorney Douglas Horngrad said Monday. Horngrad said he is acting to have the arrest removed from McGann's record.

    Nonetheless, Sgt. J.D. Nelson said the watch, which has a toggle switch with wires and fuses sticking out of it, posed a legitimate concern. A bomb squad was called in to examine the watch and determined it was not connected to an explosive device. Even after clearing McGann of any legal wrongdoing, Nelson told the Mercury News that wearing the watch to the airport

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  • Anderson Cooper’s Twitter feud

    (Anderson Cooper reporting from Gaza while dodging explosions.)

    Forget about the conflict in the Middle East. It's a Twitter war that has Anderson Cooper riled up.

    While reporting and dodging explosions in Gaza—ground zero of renewed hostilities between Israel and Hamas—the host of "AC360" took an in-coming tweet from one Pamela Weiss, a self-described "social media junkie" and "foodie."

    As surfaced by Tumblr, Weiss criticized his report of an Israeli airstrike on a media center, twice in one day.  She posted, "Report a fair story. Report facts."

    Amazingly, the TV anchor noticed the tweet (he has more than 3.3 million followers) and replied, "ummmm.... I just did that and have been doing that repeatedly on twitter and on tv. Do you actually think before you tweet?"

    But there was more cattiness to come. Cooper added, "perhaps spend less time tweeting about coconut flan and more time actually following the news."

    Followers of the Twitter spat weighed in. Caleb ‏@cpenny20 posted, "damn

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    US agency warns car owners to get air bags fixed

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    WARSAW (Reuters) - Poland's parliamentary speaker, Radoslaw Sikorski, has been quoted as saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to Poland's then leader in 2008 that they divide Ukraine between themselves. Sikorski, who until September served as Poland's foreign minister, was quoted telling U.S. website Politico that Putin made the proposal during Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk's visit to Moscow in 2008 - although he later said some of the interview had been "overinterpreted". "He wanted us to become participants in this partition of Ukraine ... ...

  • Consumed by Islamic State, Iraq's Anbar province a key battleground again

    By Ahmed Rasheed, Saif Hameed and Ned Parker BAGHDAD (Reuters) - In recent weeks, the world has watched the battle to save Syria’s border town of Kobani from Islamic State. But the radical jihadists have for longer been engulfing another strategically more vital target - Iraq’s western Anbar province and its road to Baghdad. The vast desert region - where Sunni tribes rose up in 2006 and 2007 to drive out al-Qaeda with the Americans - has throughout 2014 been parcelled up, city by military camp, before the Iraqi government and U.S. forces could act. ...

  • U.S. to funnel travelers from Ebola-hit region through five airports
    U.S. to funnel travelers from Ebola-hit region through five airports

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  • Cell transplant helps paralyzed man walk with frame
    Cell transplant helps paralyzed man walk with frame

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