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  • Santa gets stuck (and not in a chimney)

    Where's Rudolph when you need him?

    At a mall in England, a man dressed as Father Christmas was rappelling from a skylight when his (fake) beard got stuck in the rappelling device, leaving the man dangling several stories high.

    The stunt started well enough. Father Christmas (played by Steve Chessell of England's 11th Battalion Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, according to Neatorama) began lowering himself, pausing every few feet to wave to the cheering crowd.

    But then, disaster. The beard got caught and poor Santa couldn't move. Adding insult to injury—the entire fiasco was being taped.

    The U.K.'s Metro spoke with mall marketing manager Stephanie Maynard, who praised Chessell's grace in an awkward situation. "He could have just taken his beard off and let himself down, but he was such a professional and he didn't want to let the children down," she said.

    Eventually, Santa escaped when another military man rappelled next to him and freed the beard. The chuckles turned back

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  • Should police have arrested a man after he wore this watch to the airport? (Alameda County Sheriff's Office)California teacher and artist Geoffrey McGann made a fashion faux pas when he showed up at Oakland International Airport wearing a watch that looked like the timing device for a bomb.

    But the San Jose Mercury News reports that police have decided to not file charges against McGann, 49, who was temporarily arrested after being removed from an airport security line last week. He was released after posting $150,000 bail.

    "It's something for TSA to be vigilant, but it's something else to by hypervigilant," McGann's attorney Douglas Horngrad said Monday. Horngrad said he is acting to have the arrest removed from McGann's record.

    Nonetheless, Sgt. J.D. Nelson said the watch, which has a toggle switch with wires and fuses sticking out of it, posed a legitimate concern. A bomb squad was called in to examine the watch and determined it was not connected to an explosive device. Even after clearing McGann of any legal wrongdoing, Nelson told the Mercury News that wearing the watch to the airport

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  • Anderson Cooper’s Twitter feud

    (Anderson Cooper reporting from Gaza while dodging explosions.)

    Forget about the conflict in the Middle East. It's a Twitter war that has Anderson Cooper riled up.

    While reporting and dodging explosions in Gaza—ground zero of renewed hostilities between Israel and Hamas—the host of "AC360" took an in-coming tweet from one Pamela Weiss, a self-described "social media junkie" and "foodie."

    As surfaced by Tumblr, Weiss criticized his report of an Israeli airstrike on a media center, twice in one day.  She posted, "Report a fair story. Report facts."

    Amazingly, the TV anchor noticed the tweet (he has more than 3.3 million followers) and replied, "ummmm.... I just did that and have been doing that repeatedly on twitter and on tv. Do you actually think before you tweet?"

    But there was more cattiness to come. Cooper added, "perhaps spend less time tweeting about coconut flan and more time actually following the news."

    Followers of the Twitter spat weighed in. Caleb ‏@cpenny20 posted, "damn

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  • Scotland 'No' fails to stop Catalan secession push
    Scotland 'No' fails to stop Catalan secession push

    Scotland's decision to remain in the United Kingdom has cost separatists across Europe political momentum. But the parliament in Spain's Catalonia region on Friday overwhelmingly gave its leader the power to call a secession referendum that the central government in Madrid has denounced as illegal.

  • Tracing shift from everyday American to jihadis
    Tracing shift from everyday American to jihadis

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A college dropout from Florida. A nurse's aide from Denver. The owner of a pizza-and-wings joint from upstate New York.

  • Ivanovic beats Wozniacki to win Pan Pacific Open
    Ivanovic beats Wozniacki to win Pan Pacific Open

    TOKYO (AP) — Third-seeded Ana Ivanovic of Serbia beat second-seeded Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark 6-2, 7-6 (2) on Sunday to win the Pan Pacific Open and capture her fourth WTA title of the year.

  • Pope says religion cannot be used to justify violence
    Pope says religion cannot be used to justify violence

    Tirana (AFP) - Pope Francis warned during a visit to Albania on Sunday that religion can never be used to justify violence, making apparent reference to the bloodshed wreaked by the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria.

  • French and German visions for Europe to clash in Berlin

    By Noah Barkin and Mark John BERLIN/PARIS (Reuters) - Germany and France will try to reconcile divergent visions of how to fix Europe's economy on Monday when Manuel Valls makes his first visit to Berlin as French prime minister and holds talks with Angela Merkel. The trip comes at a watershed moment, with the region struggling to shake off the aftermath of a prolonged financial crisis that has left its citizens poorer, increasingly jobless and turning to extremist politicians for answers. ...

  • Afghan presidential candidates sign unity deal
    Afghan presidential candidates sign unity deal

    KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Afghanistan's two presidential candidates signed a power-sharing deal on Sunday that makes one president and the other chief executive, ending months of political wrangling following a disputed runoff that threatened to plunge the country into turmoil and complicate the withdrawal of foreign troops.

  • Prince William: Duchess Kate Feeling 'So-So'
    Prince William: Duchess Kate Feeling 'So-So'

    Duchess Catherine was set to travel to Malta for the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the country's independence, but was forced to stay in England due to severe morning sickness.

  • High Schooler Gives Up Crown After Friend Was Pranked Into Thinking She Was Nominated for Homecoming …
    High Schooler Gives Up Crown After Friend Was Pranked Into Thinking She Was Nominated for Homecoming …

    Unfortunately, sometimes high school looks a lot like a real-life version of the movie "Mean Girls." Case in point, a group of girls at North Texas high school tricked 17-year-old Lillian Skinner into thinking she was nominated for the homecoming court.

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