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  • Maine police return stolen marijuana to man

    Thomas Davis, a licensed medical marijuana grower and caregiver, inspects his sole remaining plant after his crop was burglarized. (Mario Moretto/

    It's not every day that police hand you $12,800 worth of pot.

    But such was the case in Ellsworth, Maine, where local police officers returned the 17 stolen plants to licensed medical marijuana caregiver Thomas Davis, the Bangor Daily News reports.

    The plants were taken last week from a greenhouse near Davis' home.

    Police arrested and charged Aaron Pert, 32, of Trenton, Maine, with the burglary after he admitted to the crime after a car he was in was pulled over for allegedly running a stop sign. Pert eventually told police where the freshly harvested plants were stashed and police recovered the marijuana, according to the Daily News.

    Now it seemed Ellsworth police had a dilemma. They didn't know whether to destroy the pot, which they would normally do with illegal drugs, or return the pot to Davis.

    According to the newspaper, the police department was worried about violating federal law if officers returned the medical marijuana, which is legal under state law.

    "This is new,"

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  • Counterfeit bills in ATMs lead to man’s capture

    Two Chase ATMs dispensed counterfeit bills. (ABC News screen shot)

    A man has been accused of embezzlement after authorities say he replaced real cash with counterfeit bills in several Chase ATMs in New York City.

    According to NBC New York, Gene Carlo Pena worked at a company that serviced ATMs in Manhattan. In hopes to avoid detection, authorities believe Pena put fake bills in the ATMs after helping himself to a substantial amount of real cash. However, the counterfeit currency was easily detected by the cash machines and customers (perhaps due to the fact that they were blank on one side).

    Word of the heist first hit earlier this month when customers at two Manhattan banks began complaining that they were receiving fake bills. In most cases, the ATMs separated out the bad bills, but a few did make their way into the hands of confused customers. It is unclear just how much money was stolen. Earlier reports have the amount at $110,000 while more recent updates say the bank was short about $11,000.

    Pena, 26, surrendered to authorities at Kennedy

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  • A video that appears to show a smiling train passenger narrowly miss being hit by an oncoming train while sticking her head out the window is making the rounds online.

    In a harrowing, 30-second video, the girl—identified as Carissa—is encouraged by a fellow to stick her head out the moving train for a photo and video shot from a window a few seats away.


    She does, removing her sunglasses and turning her head before the oncoming train sends her tumbling backward.

    "Oh my god!" she exclaims, collapsing in a mix of terror and giggles.

    "Are you OK?" the male passenger who shot the video asks.

    Luckily, she is.

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