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  • Brittany Taltos (left, pictured with sister Erica) escaped relatively unharmed after having her head run over by a truck (US Weekly/Chevrolet)

    What's an appropriate gift to send after accidentally running over a woman's head with a truck? Well, if you're 20-year-old Taylor Greer, you bring flowers and an apology.

    The victim was 23-year-old Brittany Taltos, best known as a reality television star on Jersey Shore and ABC's Bachelor Pad. Taltos was sunbathing in her own front yard when Greer's Chevrolet Silverado ran over her head.

    "I honestly thought I was going to die," Taltos told The Ledger. Amazingly, Taltos remained conscious throughout the ordeal and received 15 stitches after being rushed to a nearby hospital at the University of Florida.

    A standard Chevrolet Silverado weighs approximately 4,500 pounds.

    The Gainesville, Florida Fire Department says the point of impact left a noticeable depression in the front lawn. Talto's roommate said she had "visible tire tracks" on her face after the accident.

    Taltos was actually asleep at the time of the accident and wearing headphones.

    "I woke up with half a tire in my face," Taltos told the Florida Independent. "I thought I was going to die."

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  • And you thought your last flight was a doozy. This video of a Russian propeller plane taking off from an extremely muddy runway is well worth a look. The mud flies, the plane slides, and, after about 45 scary seconds, the dirt-encrusted plane takes off to destinations unknown. Hopefully somewhere with an industrial-strength car wash.

    We first saw the clip over at NYC Aviation. A blog explains that the plane is a UTAir Antonov An-24 and it was taking off from the town of Bodaybo. The blog, written by Matt Molnar, goes on to explain that while the video was uploaded recently, the footage may have been taken several years ago.

    We spoke with Molnar about the video. "I've seen a good number of crazy takeoffs, but nothing like this," he said via email. "There's significant danger here of the plane skidding off the runway, of the engines getting clogged with mud, of damaging the landing gear and/or the mud splatters affecting the plane's controllability once it gets airborne."

    Wanna know

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  • A little romance in the top row definitely stole the show of this presidential photo op.

    President Barack Obama surprised the students at Daughter of Zion Jr. Academy in Delray Beach, Fla., with an unscheduled stop after a campaign event at Delray Beach Tennis Center on Tuesday.

    The kids were standing outside their school to wave to the motorcade but got an even more personal response: The commander in chief stopped and took a photo with them.

    But perhaps the biggest surprise of all was the kissing pair photobombing the president.

    Obama, sitting in with the students, balances one child on his knee with no idea of the romantic drama going on above him.

    The cute photo of President Obama with the adorable sight of the kissing students caught the attention of the Web, and Twitter named it "photo of the day."

    As for the president's rival, former Gov. Mitt Romney has also gotten the Web buzzing with his own

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  • Chelsea's Costa charged over Can 'stamp'
    Chelsea's Costa charged over Can 'stamp'

    Chelsea striker Diego Costa faces a three-game suspension after being charged with violent conduct for appearing to stamp on Liverpool's Emre Can, the Football Association announced on Wednesday. Costa seemed to deliberately stand on Can's ankle in the 12th minute of Tuesday's League Cup semi-final second leg at Stamford Bridge, which Chelsea won 1-0 to complete a 2-1 aggregate victory.

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