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  • A bicycle built out of cardboard

    A bicycle made from cardboard that costs only $9 to $12 to build sounds unlikely. But, as surfaced on the blog Kottke, designer Izhar Gafni got it in his head to make just that. After three years of perfecting the design, he created the Alfa.

    It looks like a bike, rides like a bike, and, at 20 pounds, can hold a rider weighing up to 485 pounds. And hey, when you're done with it, you could practically throw it in the recycle bin. The design itself is made of cardboard and 100 percent recycled materials.

    As described in the Giora Kariv Productions video "Izhar cardboard bike project," Gafni first got the idea when he heard of a canoe crafted from cardboard. Although engineers told the bike enthusiast it was impossible, Gafni realized that as with origami, "You fold it once, then it doesn't come twice the strength, it's almost three times the strength."

    The video was made six months ago and is starting to get some attention on the Web. The short film follows the ingenious design process,

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  • New Age author writes novel “live”

    Want to get primed for National Novel Writing Month? Here's your chance to watch the sausage being made.

    Silvia Hartmann, a British New Age lecturer on topics like EmoTrance and energy psychology, is exposing the soul-searing process by writing a novel "live" via Google Docs. Hartmann, who also writes fiction under the nom de plume Nick Starfields, began her "Naked Writer Project" Wednesday. Already she has plowed out a dozen chapters of "The Dragon Lords," starting with the first line, "It was not every day that Mrs Delhany found a naked man in the driveway." (The beginning involves Mrs. Delhany learning about this stranger "who had fallen to Earth and landed on her driveway" through a "river [of] information flowing from his hands into hers" and her tomcat.)

    As if exposing the raw process wasn't enough, Hartmann will also dare to take reader feedback on the fly, as well as suggestions for the title. She does have some notes for readers and a running word count. Writes Hartmann in

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  • A pair of Long Island, N.Y., residents woke to a noise that sounded like something crashing through their house early Sunday.

    "We both woke up to a very loud bang. I looked around—no breeze, no rain, nothing," homeowner Lois Farella told CBS Local New York as she pointed to a basketball-sized hole in her roof.

    Next door, Ann Grace's roof on Home Street was also ripped apart.

    "It's a very huge hole. It did a lot of damage through heavy wood. I can't imagine if it hit a person," Grace told the TV station.

    Upon inspection Grace's roofer found a brown, wet stain in her attic where something had ripped through an inch and a half of shingles and wood.

    "It's hard to understand what could have done this. It had to have come from a plane," roofer Bryan Lanzello told CBS Local New York. "A bird couldn't have done it."

    So the FAA investigated the incident as possibly involving blue ice.

    "Blue ice" is a euphemism for the mixture of frozen human waste and industrial-strength chemical that

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  • Wheelchair-Bound Justin Bieber Cut All the Lines at Disneyland
    Wheelchair-Bound Justin Bieber Cut All the Lines at Disneyland

    Today in celebrity gossip: Justin Bieber experiences Disneyland the best way he knew how, Ariana Grande hides her grandfather's death from her Big Brother contestant brother, and Naya Rivera went and got married. Nobody can dispute that Justin Bieber is the coolest, toughest, hardest, most bad-ass celebrity alive. Heck, Justin Bieber's so hardcore that he doesn't even have to break 20 M.P.H. in his rented Lambo to get pulled over for speeding. TMZ reports that on Sunday Bieber was spotted around Disneyland taking pictures with fans while seated in a borrowed wheelchair in which he was pushed around by handlers.

  • Ohio woman gets 32 years in forced labor case
    Ohio woman gets 32 years in forced labor case

    An Ohio woman convicted along with her boyfriend of enslaving a mentally disabled woman in their home for nearly two years through intimidation, threats and abuse was sentenced Thursday to 32 years in federal prison, the U.S. attorney's office said.

  • Nigeria fears as man falls ill with Ebola-like symptoms
    Nigeria fears as man falls ill with Ebola-like symptoms

    A Liberian man has been hospitalised in Lagos with Ebola-like symptoms, but it is not yet clear if he is infected with the killer virus, Nigerian officials said Thursday. The 40-year-old Monrovia resident arrived in Nigeria's mega-city on Sunday and was admitted to hospital on Tuesday suffering from severe vomiting and diarrhoea, said Yewande Adesina, the special advisor on health for the Lagos state government. The patient was "detained for possible Ebola infection while blood samples were sent to the Virology Reference Laboratory in Lagos as well as to the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Dakar," she said.

  • Cruise passengers recount horror stories to Senate

    Laurie Dishman told senators through tears Wednesday that she was choked and raped on a Royal Caribbean cruise by one of the line's employees, using her experience to shed light on the dangers that passengers ...

  • Air Algerie jet with 116 on board crashes in Mali
    Air Algerie jet with 116 on board crashes in Mali

    OUAGADOUGO, Burkina Faso (AP) — An Air Algerie jetliner carrying 116 people crashed Thursday in a rainstorm over restive Mali, and its wreckage was found near the border of neighboring Burkina Faso — the third major international aviation disaster in a week.

  • Kid Banned From Doughnut Shop After Asking Stranger If She Is Expecting
    Kid Banned From Doughnut Shop After Asking Stranger If She Is Expecting

    Why is the sky blue? Are we there yet? Kids like to ask questions. But childlike inquisition can apparently get you banned from a doughnut shop. A mom claims she and her 4-year-old son were kicked out of the Doughnut Inn in Monroe, Conn., because he asked another customer if she was eating for two.

  • Visa cuts revenue forecast as cross-border transactions slow

    Visa Inc, the world's largest credit and debit card company, cut its revenue forecast for the year, as growth in cross-border transactions slowed amid a strengthening of the U.S. dollar. Visa, which gets about 60 percent of its total transaction volume from outside the United States, cut its full-year revenue growth forecast to 9-10 percent from 10-11 percent. International transaction revenue rose less than 1 percent to $854 million in the latest quarter. Wedbush Securities Inc analyst Gil Luria said Visa's international transaction revenues was growing at the lowest rate since the financial crisis.

  • Chinese Officials Seal Off 'Plague' City, Puzzling US Experts
    Chinese Officials Seal Off 'Plague' City, Puzzling US Experts

    A city in China has reportedly been sealed off after one resident died from bubonic plague, but this way of trying to contain the disease is puzzling to infectious disease experts, who say the response seems extreme given the information released about the case. Plague is an infectious disease caused by the bacteria Yersinia pestis that is carried by rodents, and can be transmitted to people through flea bites or by direct contact with the tissues or fluids of an animal with plague, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Today the illness is treatable with antibiotics, the CDC says.

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