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  • A pair of Long Island, N.Y., residents woke to a noise that sounded like something crashing through their house early Sunday.

    "We both woke up to a very loud bang. I looked around—no breeze, no rain, nothing," homeowner Lois Farella told CBS Local New York as she pointed to a basketball-sized hole in her roof.

    Next door, Ann Grace's roof on Home Street was also ripped apart.

    "It's a very huge hole. It did a lot of damage through heavy wood. I can't imagine if it hit a person," Grace told the TV station.

    Upon inspection Grace's roofer found a brown, wet stain in her attic where something had ripped through an inch and a half of shingles and wood.

    "It's hard to understand what could have done this. It had to have come from a plane," roofer Bryan Lanzello told CBS Local New York. "A bird couldn't have done it."

    So the FAA investigated the incident as possibly involving blue ice.

    "Blue ice" is a euphemism for the mixture of frozen human waste and industrial-strength chemical that

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  • Musician Dave Gunning, in a photo from his website (Chris Smith)It's going to take more than a pretty penny for one musician to pay off the Royal Canadian Mint, which has levied a hefty tax against the artist for appropriating an image of the nation's outgoing coinage on his latest album.

    Dave Gunning says he wanted to pay tribute to the Canadian penny, which will cease production at the end of 2012, on his upcoming album, "No More Pennies."

    However, CBC News reports that once the Royal Canadian Mint heard about the album cover concept, it told Dave Gunning that for every 2,000 albums sold, he must fill out an application asking for permission to continue using the image, then pay $1,200 in fees.

    Gunning's album cover shows a person at a lunch counter attempting to come up with enough change to pay for a cup of coffee.

    In response to the Mint's fees, Gunning has asked fans to bring pennies to shows on his upcoming fall tour so he can afford to continue selling the album, which debuts Sept. 18. The Mint has waived the fees on the first 2,000 copies but said Gunning must pay for all future sales.

    "The Mint has an Intellectual Property Policy in place to protect its IP assets, which includes coin images, and ensure their appropriate use," a Mint spokeswoman told the CBC. "In instances where an approved use is being made for commercial gain (as would be the case with an ad campaign or selling music CDs), royalty fees are applied."

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  • A Rock Hill, S.C., woman knew something was in her attic when she heard a thump and then saw some nails start popping out from her bedroom ceiling one night.

    Tracy, a mother of five, thought it might be an animal. She sent her older sons and nephew to check it out, she told WCNC-TV in Charlotte.

    She told the Charlotte Observer she thought "there was some poltergeist stuff going on."

    And what they found was surprising. It wasn't an animal. It was the woman's ex-boyfriend.

    He came down from the attic without any explanation and left with a smile before police could arrive, the Observer reports.

    The man had been living in the attic for about two weeks, WCNC reports, noting that the ex-boyfriend was recently released from jail.

    "He had packed all the old coats and jackets into the heating unit and was sleeping in the heating unit," said Tracy, who did not reveal her last name.

    There were also large plastic cups containing human waste, which explain how he relieved himself in his rooftop

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  • Today in History

    Today is Wednesday, August 20, the 232nd day of 2014. There are 133 days left in the year.

  • Sicilian hilltop houses on sale for one euro, great view included
    Sicilian hilltop houses on sale for one euro, great view included

    It's an offer you can't refuse: rustic abodes in a picturesque hilltop village on the island of Sicily, once home to Italian peasants and their donkeys, are up for sale for just one euro. Hewn into the Madonie mountains and dotted throughout the town of Gangi, the houses were left empty after their owners emigrated in the 1920s.

  • FBI believes Foley video is authentic: GlobalPost

    The FBI believes the Islamic State video purporting to show the beheading of American journalist James Foley is authentic, GlobalPost reported on Wednesday. "The FBI on Wednesday morning told the Foley family they believe the video is authentic," according to GlobalPost, a Boston-based online publication that employed Foley as a freelancer. President Barack Obama, who is on vacation on the Massachusetts island of Martha's Vineyard, is likely to comment on the video later in the day, a U.S.

  • Hoyer gets starting spot over rookie Manziel
    Hoyer gets starting spot over rookie Manziel

    BEREA, Ohio (AP) — Brian Hoyer barely held on to the starting job.

  • Huge new iPhone 6 leak shows the device’s rear shell and front panel assembled for the first time
    Huge new iPhone 6 leak shows the device’s rear shell and front panel assembled for the first time

    OK, so we’ve seen the iPhone 6’s rear shell and its front display panel countless times by now. Nonetheless it’s still cool to see them finally together in a new set of leaked photos that give us our first glimpse at what the fully assembled iPhone 6 will look like. MacRumors has snagged some more photos from luxury retailer Feld & Volk that show the iPhone 6’s front panel attached directly to its rear shell, which marks the first time we’ve seen these two components assembled together like this. MacRumors comments that “it’s important to note that Feld and Volk’s images still depict unfinished iPhone 6 parts that are in rough condition, and Apple’s completed device will undoubtedly look even more polished.”


    DEAR ABBY: I'm married to the love of my life. I can't imagine loving a man more than I love "Wayne," and I know he feels the same about me. The problem is, he's always telling stories about things he has done, including past relationships, in graphic detail. I have heard all of them repeatedly, and I'm sick of them. When I tell him this he says, "Fine! I won't talk to you anymore." Wayne never talks about our past, present or future. ...

  • Dow 6,000: Wild prediction or worthwhile caution?
    Dow 6,000: Wild prediction or worthwhile caution?

    Harry Dent says the Dow is headed to 6,000 in the next 2-3 years. Is this just another wild prediction or a helpful cautionary tale?

  • Afghanistan bars NYT reporter from leaving country
    Afghanistan bars NYT reporter from leaving country

    KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Afghanistan's attorney general has barred a New York Times correspondent from leaving the country because of a story in which he reported that a group of officials were considering seizing power because of the impasse over who won the recent presidential election, a spokesman said Tuesday.

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