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  • A bald eagle swoops down onto Bruce Huntley's fishing line. (RickWarren/Bellingham Herald)Fishing buddies Bruce Huntley and Rick Warren were enjoying a relaxing day on Washington's Lake Padden. Huntley was reeling in one of the lake's rainbow trout when a massive, 6-foot bald eagle swept down from the skies and stole Huntley's catch directly off his fishing line.

    "I noticed the eagle had been watching us from the tree, did one circle, went right over his head. I yelled 'watch out,' Warren told Yahoo News in a phone interview.

    Warren, an aspiring photographer, says he'd heard stories of birds stealing fish from humans on Lake Padden, but neither he nor Huntley had ever seen anything quite like the bold eagle that literally snapped Huntley's fishing line and flew off with his catch.

    "He was a little shocked," Warren said of Huntley's reaction. "He said you could almost feel the compression coming off the wings, less than a foot from his face."

    "He came out of the tree and scared the holy bejesus out of me," Huntley told the Bellingham Herald.

    About a week later, Huntley and Warren returned to the lake and attempted to recreate the scene. At first, Huntley caught a few smaller fish. But those didn't really seem to capture the attention of the male eagle, which Warren said appeared to be developing a method for snatching free meals from fishermen on the lake.

    Eventually, Warren was able to catch a stunning photo of the bald eagle in action, attempting to steal a trout off of Huntley's fishing line.

    They also noticed that the eagle has a mate, whom he takes the stolen fish to before returning for another round. "She was just squawking at him, waiting for her lunch," Warren joked. "We're just bringing the fish to the surface for him."

    Warren submitted his photos to the Bellingham Herald, and they have been generating significant interest from outdoor enthusiasts and casual viewers alike. However, not everyone believed the action shots were entirely legitimate.

    "I sent the photos to my family, and they were looking at them on their iPhones," Warren said. "My Dad said, 'those have obviously been photoshopped. There's no way they are real.'"

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  • Lolong, a man-eating beast feared by locals, has set a Guinness Book of World Records mark as the world's largest saltwater crocodile in captivity.

    The giant crocodile measures 20.24 feet, weighs more than a ton and was blamed for several deaths before its capture by officials in the southern Philippines town of Bunawan in September, 2011.

    And while Lolong has brought some tourist dollars into the small town, its capture has also stirred fears that other giant killer crocs might be lurking in the local waters.

    "There were mixed feelings," Bunawan Mayor Edwin Cox Elorde told the Associated Press. "We're really proud because it proves the rich biodiversity of our place but at the same time, there are fears that Lolong may not be alone."

    In fact, Elorde says he spotted an even larger crocodile escape when he and about 100 others combined their efforts to capture Lolong. It took a combination of ropes and cranes to bring in the giant crocodile, which was pursued after a child was killed in 2009 and a fisherman went missing. Lolong was named after an official who died of a heart attack after traveling to Bunawan to assist in the capture.

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  • Vaughn Police Chief Ernest “Chris” Armijo (

    Vaughn, New Mexico, has 500 residents, two schools and a few watering holes. But the town's only two police officers both have criminal records and neither is allowed to carry a gun. reports that Vaughn Police Chief Ernest "Chris" Armijo and officer Brian Bernal have both had run-ins with the law despite being law enforcement officers.

    Armijo lost his gun privileges after he was arrested by the New Mexico State Police and indicted on delinquent child support payments. He has two sons, ages 10 and 12.

    "I was unable to make the amount that was being required and I got behind. Its hard, because if you're not making enough to do it then what do you do?" Armijo told KOB. "It's something I didn't take care of and I know that I should have."

    But Armijo is also being investigated after witnesses accused him of improperly using a K-9 in the line of duty and of abusing the dog. Armijo denies both accusations. He faces other accusations of misconduct as well, including claims that he

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  • El Pollo Loco en fuego, Twitter sliding, Trulia jumping on buyout
    El Pollo Loco en fuego, Twitter sliding, Trulia jumping on buyout

    Today's trending tickers highlights moves in El Pollo Loco, Twitter, and Trulia

  • Russia has violated arms treaty by testing cruise missile: US
    Russia has violated arms treaty by testing cruise missile: US

    The United States has found that Russia violated a 1987 arms control treaty by testing a ground-launched cruise missile, a senior US official said late Monday, calling the matter "very serious." The announcement adds a new dispute at a time of already heightened tensions between Washington and the Kremlin over the crisis in Ukraine, with western countries accusing Russia of arming Ukrainian separatists and destabilizing the country. The US concluded in a 2014 report that Russia had violated the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, which barred it from possessing, producing or flight-testing such cruise missiles with a range of 500 to 5,500 kilometers, the official told AFP.

  • US: Russia violated 1987 nuclear missile treaty
    US: Russia violated 1987 nuclear missile treaty

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration accused Russia of conducting tests in violation of a 1987 nuclear missile treaty, calling the breach "a very serious matter" and going public with allegations that have simmered for some time.

  • Other crises muscle onto world stage just as Iraq is coming undone
    Other crises muscle onto world stage just as Iraq is coming undone

    While the Obama administration and much of the global media focused on crises in Ukraine and the Gaza Strip in recent weeks, the centrifugal forces of a sectarian civil war continued to pull Iraq apart.

  • Meet HitchBOT: the robot hitchhiking across Canada
    Meet HitchBOT: the robot hitchhiking across Canada

    Robot hitchhiker sounds like the name of an old horror movie but today, it’s actually a friendly reality. Two professors at McMaster and Ryerson University have created “HitchBOT,” a robot programmed to hitchhike across Canada, and they’re putting it to the test this summer.


    DEAR ABBY: In short, my son is a klutz -- to the point that it affects his self-confidence. He's different from everyone else in the family. Is being a klutz genetic? Is it permanent? He's not doing well academically, either. How can I help him? -- PARENT WHO CARES DEAR PARENT: One way to help your son would be to stop other family members from making fun of him and labeling him as a klutz. When people laugh and ridicule others, it makes them only more self-conscious and more clumsy. Another way to help would be to have him examined by an ophthalmologist and a neurologist. ...

  • Mixed Martial Arts Champion Jumps Into Action to Stop Would-Be Robbers
    Mixed Martial Arts Champion Jumps Into Action to Stop Would-Be Robbers

    Mayura Dissanyake is a gas station clerk at a Fuel Depot in Houston. He is also a five-time consecutive Mixed Martial Arts national champion. His two worlds came together when several men tried to rob his co-worker right in front of him. Dissanyake's co-worker had just pulled into a parking space after returning from the bank, when two men jumped out of an SUV and attempted to grab the bank bag he was carrying, according to Houston's KPRC. The store's surveillance cameras were recording as Dissanyake jumped out from behind the counter and took matters into his own hands.

  • BBC's 'Top Gear' Issues Racist Apology for Racist Slur
    BBC's 'Top Gear' Issues Racist Apology for Racist Slur

    The British communications regulator Ofcom has ruled that a pre-scripted bit on the popular BBC TV show Top Gear was racist. Top Gear, one of the most popular television shows in the world, showcases a variety of motor vehicles, and pretty much anything else that goes fast. The sometimes controversial show is presented by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. Here was part of the executive producer's statement:

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