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  • Kenneth Allen returned nearly $13,000 he found on a trash can. (Fox4KC)When Kenneth Allen picked up the paper bag sitting atop a trash can outside a Tennessee convenience store, he found two things: A bottle of cologne and nearly $13,000 in cash.

    "It never crossed my mind to take it, because that's not the right thing to do," Allen told local affiliate Fox4KC about the $12,764.73 in cash.

    Allen was at the Peachers Mill Road convenience store on Saturday afternoon with his wife, Kristy, when they spotted the bag. The Leaf Chronicle adds that the couple, who had stopped by to pick up a cream soda, quickly turned the money over to the Clarksville Police Department, which has since returned it to its rightful owner.

    "I knew I had to return it," Allen said. "Someone might have needed that for something really important."

    Surveillance video from the convenience store shows the man stopping outside the store to unwrap an ice cream sandwich before leaving the bag of money behind on top of the trash can.

    The owner of the money is a 51-year-old man who reportedly left the money behind after recently being released from the hospital after experiencing an adverse reaction to prescription medication. Though the police have not released the man's name, they say he has since contacted Allen to thank him.

    "When he called, I asked, 'Dude, why did you have so much money?" Allen told ABC News. "He didn't really explain that, but he did say he was very grateful to have it back, and was glad we were the ones who found it."

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  • Texas man gets left behind during family road trip. ( Texas man found himself stranded in the middle of Tennessee during a road trip with his family. And he got out of the jam only after using Facebook to track down the van that had left him behind. The van was carrying his two children and was more than 100 miles away.

    "Somebody had been sleeping all night in the back, and they were gonna drive and I was gonna get in the back and sleep," the man, who refused to give his name, told KRISTV. "I went inside to get my change for the gas, and they thought I was already loaded up and closed all the doors and took off."

    It sounds a bit like the plot to "Home Alone," but in this case the adult is left behind while his kids hit the road.

    His first reaction was to call someone in the van. But he realized he'd left his phone inside the vehicle to charge. He called his own phone, but no one answered. After several tries, the phone started going immediately to voice mail.

    That's when the man feared the worst and called police. He says they weren't much help. But employees at a nearby Memphis La Quinta Inn let him use their computers, where he logged in to Facebook.

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  • After watching this video, your memories of Teddy Ruxpin may never be the same. Artist Sean Hathaway has created an interactive multimedia installation using 1980s talking dolls to "effectively take the emotional temperature of the Internet."

    Teddy Ruxpin was a phenomenon of the 1980s. The animatronic bear dolls were the top-selling toy of 1985 and 1986, speaking a handful of phrases and attempting to convey the sense of interactivity with their owners.

    But in this video, the dolls, which are pinned to a wall, speak random phrases streamed from various social media sites.

    "It's a celebration of communication. And our technological ability to be able to communicate every nuance of our lives with everyone in the world," Hathaway says. "But at the same time I think it's a tongue-in-cheek poke at the fact that we're not doing anything with all of that information that we're throwing out there."

    The various sayings, at times morbid, uplifting and mildly not safe for work, encompass a broad range of emotions in the teddy bears' monotone robotic voices. And it's all set to soothing instrumental music by Hathaway's collaborator, Carlos Severe Marcelin.

    "Literally every subtle increment on the scale of the human emotional condition is expressed but sadly due to the tremendous scale of information available many of these expressions are buried within a sea of noise," Hathaway writes on his YouTube page.

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  • iOS 8.1 doesn’t seem to fix the huge issue that prevented you from updating to iOS 8
    iOS 8.1 doesn’t seem to fix the huge issue that prevented you from updating to iOS 8

    Apple on Monday released iOS 8.1, the first major update for iOS 8 that brought some new features to users (such as Apple Pay for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus) and also fixed several other issues. However, Apple has apparently failed to fix an important iOS 8 issue it has never acknowledged since launching its newest OS version on September 17th — and it’s particularly important because it may have prevented many users from upgrading from iOS 7. FROM EARLIER: iOS 8.1 has been released – here’s how to download it right now! Users looking to update their compatible device from iOS 7.x or iOS 8.0.x to iOS 8.1 are reporting several storage requirements. The actual download seems to

  • Three Denver girls reportedly en route to Turkey detained, sent home

    By Aruna Viswanatha and Mark Hosenball WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Three teenage girls from Denver who had been missing since last week and were reported to be traveling to Turkey were picked up in Germany and sent back home, U.S. officials said on Tuesday. Voice of America reported earlier this week that one of the girls told German authorities they were en route to Turkey, which has been considered a principal transit route for foreigners looking to fight with Islamic militants in Syria. U.S. officials declined to say if they suspected a link between the girls and militants in the region. ...

  • Canada says man who ran down two Canadian soldiers 'radicalized'

    TORONTO (Reuters) - Canada said a man who ran down two Canadian soldiers in his car in a Quebec strip mall on Monday, and who was later shot dead by police, "had become radicalized." The Canadian government did not specify what it meant by radicalized but in the past has used the term to refer to Canadians who become supporters of militant Islamic groups. Quebec police shot and killed the 25-year-old driver after a police chase following the incident. One of the two soldiers he ran over had life-threatening injuries. Police did not say whether the soldiers were in uniform. ...

  • NATO intercepts Russian jets over Baltic Sea
    NATO intercepts Russian jets over Baltic Sea

    HELSINKI (AP) — NATO scrambled fighter jets twice in two days to intercept Russian military aircraft over the Baltic Sea, it said Tuesday amid reports that Russian military activity in the region is increasing.

  • Pistorius starts five-year jail term for killing lover
    Pistorius starts five-year jail term for killing lover

    Pretoria (AFP) - Star athlete Oscar Pistorius is spending his first night in jail Tuesday as he starts serving a five-year sentence behind the towering walls of a grim South African prison after a sensational trial for killing his girlfriend.

  • Colorado tests reach of Democrats' ground game
    Colorado tests reach of Democrats' ground game

    AURORA, Colo. (AP) — Dave Lightowler never even got to say Sen. Mark Udall's name. The moment Lightowler mentioned the incumbent running for re-election, the man inside the house in this swing suburb closed the door in the Democratic party canvasser's face.

  • Sweden gets two new sightings, as hunt for undersea intruder goes on

    STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Sweden's military is working on two new observations that could be evidence of suspected "foreign underwater activity" near the country's capital, a senior naval officer said on Tuesday. Swedish forces have been scouring the sea off Stockholm since Friday, after what the military called three credible reports of activity by foreign submarines or divers using an underwater vehicle. The vessels were unidentified, but during the 1980s the Swedish navy from time to time hunted suspected Soviet submarines in its waters. ...

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