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Attention cats: ‘How to Walk Your Human’ (VIDEO)

Eric Pfeiffer
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Kodi the Kitten takes his owner for a walk (YouTube)

Kodi the Kitten has provided a helpful tutorial video for his feline friends, "How to Walk Your Human."

It's the latest informative message from the Adventures of Shorty & Kodi, two precious cats who love being in front of the camera.

The seven-step system begins with "Establish dominance over the leash" and includes helpful reminders, such as "Step 3: Walk in front of them so they know you're in charge. (Also funny if they fall)"

The video is especially entertaining for any cat owners who have attempted the seemingly futile task of taking their cat out for a walk on a leash. After all, once a cat knows it can go outside, what's to stop it from wanting to go outside all the time?

And if you're skeptical as to whether walking your cat is an achievable dream, check out this heartwarming New York Times story, in which "My Cat From Hell" host Jackson Galaxy helps teach Mac the cat to learn to love the leash.

And cats, don't forget the Step 4 in your own human instructional video:

"Once they're comfortable, bring them to a jog. Humans need exercise to thrive!"

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