Bacon-scented shaving cream hits the market

Just when you think every bit of bacon innovation has been cooked up, another seemingly unbelievable creation is unveiled for the world to enjoy.

But today's new bacon offering is not to be eaten. Rather, it's to be used as part of the distinguished gentleman's grooming routine: bacon shaving cream.

For $14.99, you can purchase a limited-edition can of what creator J&D's Foods suggests "is best used after a hot shower or before an important date with someone you may want to spend the rest of your life with."

And in a video report from KIRO TV, at least one local Seattle barbershop swears the lather is top-notch, in addition to, well, smelling like bacon.

"You're going to feel good, you're going to smell good and you're probably going to taste good," J&D's Dave Lefkow tells KIRO. "This is something that every bacon-loving American male needs."

However, the bacon shaving cream is being produced in a limited run of 2,500. Let's hope that has nothing to do with the rumored bacon shortage threatening our collective futures.

Still, covering your face in bacon-scented shaving cream does pose its share of risks. The self-described "Bacontrepreneurs" at J&D's offer a fair warning to anyone using their new shaving cream: "Prepare to be loved, admired and possibly be eaten by bears."