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Bold bear cubs show off their balancing act on residential fence

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A pair of bear cubs with acrobatic skills were spotted walking along the top of a residential fence in Washington state.

According to a report from Seattle's, Snoqualmie Ridge resident Colin Davis saw the bears and took a few photos of their tightrope-like act.

"I was amazed they were able to walk on the fence," Davis told "I thought they would hop off, but they kept going."

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Davis told that he's become accustomed to seeing bears wander near his neighborhood, but never while it's light outside.

So what prompted the morning jaunt?

Davis' theory, according to The irresistible smell of bacon may have inspired the bears to come over for a visit. Davis said a neighbor was cooking breakfast with his door open.

Nobody was hurt, despite the neighborhood being full of kids. "They could have easily crossed paths," Davis said.

Still, Davis said he's OK with the bears because the area is their home, too.

“I have no problem with nature out here. I love it, it’s part of the reason we moved out here,” Davis told “We see deer all the time, all different animals. You don’t expect to see the bears, but it’s their neighborhood.”

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