British man finds live frog in his chicken sandwich

Back in the 70's, author Harlan Ellison used to disparagingly refer to fast-food offerings as "toad burgers." Yesterday, a man in the UK got a taste of the real deal when he discovered a live frog inside his chicken sandwich.

The Sun reports that while dining at British chain Nando's, Ross Dance, 32, spit out the four-inch-long amphibian, but realized afterward that he had already bitten into, and swallowed, one of the frog's legs.

"I think I might have eaten one," Dance said. "The thought of chewing on it keeps me awake at night."

Of course, frog's legs are considered a delicacy in some quarters--just not when they're attached to a still-living frog. And in this case, Ross was adamant that his surprise meal did not, in fact, taste like chicken.

"I bit into the wrap, but couldn't chew through it. I excused myself and got it out of my mouth," Dance said. "There was a whole frog there. It was still alive. I felt really ill."

Dance received a refund for his meal and filled out a complaint card but said he still can't fathom how the comestible kerfuffle even happened. "I don't understand how anyone can put a wrap together and not see a frog. I'm livid. I won't eat at Nando's again."

Nando's officials said that they're looking into the incident: "We take great care over the quality of our food," they said in a statement. Nando's said the "only possible" way the frog could have gotten into the sandwich wrap was through a pre-packaged salad. A spokesman added: "Unfortunately as Mr. Dance refuses to give us the foreign object, we are unable to fully understand where it came from to reach a final conclusion."

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