Cartoon from ‘Seinfeld’ republished in the New Yorker for caption contest

The piggy at the complaint department is back. The New Yorker is republishing the cartoon featured—and mocked—in the 1998 Seinfeld episode, "The Cartoon."

The magazine is asking readers for their ideas in this week's cartoon caption contest. In the episode from 14 years ago, Elaine gripes that the New Yorker cartoons make no sense, and submits a simpler one of her own that the magazine publishes. The joke is on her when it later turns out Elaine has accidentally plagiarized a Ziggy cartoon.

Elaine also gets the publication's cartoon editor to admit he only ran a nonsensical cartoon because he "liked the kitty."

Elaine's submission is a pig at a complaint department with the caption: "I wish I was taller." Readers can submit their alternative caption ideas for the contest through Sunday. You'll have to one-up Seinfeld's thought: "I can't find my receipt, my place is a sty." Or from Kramer, who suggested: "The pig says, 'My wife is a slut.'" As Jerry put it: "Now that's a complaint."

Twitter users were certainly game for the project. Samantha Henig ‏noted, "If social media were a thing in '98 this would've happened then."

Lisa Christiansen posted, "I'll stay up all night!"

In an essay explaining his decision to rerun the cartoon in this week's caption contest, and belatedly responding to "Seinfeld," (although the episode was written by a frequent New Yorker cartoon contributor, Bruce Eric Kaplan), cartoon editor Robert Mankoff writes on the New Yorker website, "I have decided to do so again, because the episode provides a fun way to comment on issues I'm interested in."