Meet Chaddy, the new ‘David After Dentist’ (VIDEO)

Remember David, the 7-year-old whose loopy backseat interview with his dad on the ride home from the dentist captivated the nation?

Well, meet Chaddy, David's (theoretical) older brother.

The heavily sedated teenager, who had returned home from getting his wisdom teeth pulled, gives a hilariously groggy—and sweet—interview to his mom, who, like David's dad, videotaped the whole thing.

After asking for takeout from Panda Express, a teary-eyed Chaddy says, "I think I'm kind of stoned."

"You're the mom, so you know what's best," Chaddy adds, before warning his father to keep an eye on the family's finances: "Don't spend lots of money, because we need to save our money for the Great Depression."

"David After Dentist," which spawned countless spoofs and several spinoffs, was viewed more than 112 million times on YouTube. Chaddy's interview has yet to garner that kind of traffic, but it's early.

There's even a prequel, shot inside the dentist's office shortly after Chaddy wakes up.

"You'll feel a little groggy," the dentist tells Chaddy before sending him home. "But this stuff will wear off quickly."

Thankfully for America, not that quickly.