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Norwegian F-16 pilot shoots incredible footage from the cockpit

Still regretting that decision to not join the armed forces and be trained as a pilot? Now you can see what you're missing out on.

This video, shot by a Norwegian fighter pilot while zooming around in an F-16 jet during a training exercise, gives viewers a cockpit view of life in the danger zone.

The unidentified pilot also took a more traditional selfie. Not quite as good as the Polaroid "Top Gun's" Goose claimed to have taken while he and Maverick were inverted on the MiG fighter, but it's still pretty great.

No word on whether the pilot buzzed the tower at the end of the training run.

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Credit: Norwegian Armed Forces

Several weeks ago, a Danish F-16 pilot captured footage of himself as he fired a missile. Selfies — there is no escape. 

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Credit: Royal Danish Air Force

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