Family of black bears invades local news set

WNEP-TV meteorologist Kurt Aaron was on the set, ready to deliver his news station's 11 p.m. weather forecast when he spotted an uninvited guest on the set: A large black bear.

"I hear this sound and I turn around and the bear is literally 10 feet in front of me.," Aaron said live on air after the bears were spotted. "And I ran like I stole something. I'm not going to lie."

The mother bear and her three cubs walked onto the outdoor weather set in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The family of bears continued to walk through the outdoor set, which is built to resemble an actual forest.

Black bears have been known to venture outside their natural forest habitat when searching for food, particularly in places occupied by people.

"They walked right up on me. Black bears. Look how big mama bear is," Aaron said, while the bears continued to walk in front of the cameras.

Aaron did eventually give the weather forecast, but off-camera, while hiding behind a door that kept him at a safe distance from the surprise visitors.

"No offense, but I don't want to be doing the weather with four bears," he said.

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