‘Hangover Heaven’ bus promises relief in 45 minutes or less

A Las Vegas anesthesiologist is offering customers a "cure" for hangovers in 45 minutes or less. For a fee ranging between $90 and $150, Dr. Jason Burke's Hangover Heaven will connect you to an IV bag and then send you back on your way in less than an hour.

"An hour or two with a horrible hangover can be an eternity," Burke tells HLN. "The main goal of this business is to get people back to vacation."

The Hangover Heaven website describes its services as a "revolutionary new treatment," but reports say it is simply selling the same treatment offered to ailing drinkers in hospitals around the world.

What is unique here is that customers can call the bus for treatment of symptoms including headaches and nausea without having to visit an actual hospital emergency room. The bus is outfitted with emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and Burke personally administers medicine to patients intravenously.

While Burke says his goal is to get people back to the enjoyment of their vacations, he also said the Hangover Heaven treatment is not one to be abused. "This isn't designed for people whose main method of drinking alcohol is through a funnel," he told HLN. "This is a professional medical practice. Just because it's on a bus doesn't mean it's second rate."

However, a look through the company's online store shows they offer several T-shirts that seem to make light of the negative aspects of excessive behavior. One T-shirt reads, "Now if I could just find Herpes Heaven," while another says, "I feel like Jesus on Easter morning."

The Hangover Heaven business model was criticized by Dr. Robert Glatter, who wrote in Forbes, "While Hangover Heaven's products may certainly help you feel better in the moment, and get you back to enjoying your vacation, the message that this new venture sends to the public regarding alcohol consumption and addiction is a dangerous one."

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