Historic British mansion has 48 rooms but no toilet

Fans of the British television drama "Downton Abbey" could live out the drama in a countryside estate of similar stature that has recently gone up for sale.

Apethorpe Hall, an idyllic British manor with an astounding 48 rooms, has hit the market for what is considered a "bargain" price of 2.5 million pounds (about $3,882,500). There's just one catch: The place doesn't have a bathroom.

The Daily Mail reports that the house was originally built between 1470 and 1480 by Sir Guy Wolston, then sold to Sir Walter Mildmay. It reportedly stayed in his family for 350 years. In more recent years, the house has been owned by the Catholic Church and Libyan millionaire Wanis Mohammed Burweila.

Presumably whoever purchases the house, located in Northamptonshire, England, could afford to install a few modern amenities. But as with any historic location, there are bound to be certain restrictions on developing a piece of property first constructed several hundred years ago.

Along with not having a bathroom, the house comes with a few other catches: an annual $155,300 maintenance bill and a requirement that the hall be open to the public for at least 28 days a year.

The British government reportedly spent more than $6 million renovating the house, which had fallen into disarray over the years and was at one time "on the brink of ruin."

The sale of the house is being managed by English Heritage.

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