Hospital live-tweets brain surgery

Late last month, the National Zoo live-tweeted the artificial insemination of a giant panda, providing a startlingly vivid play-by-play of the procedure.

Not to be outdone, a hospital in Houston used its Twitter feed on Wednesday to live-tweet a human brain surgery--and it was just as graphic.

"WARNING," a message on Memorial Hermann Hospital's Twitter feed read. "The contents of this #brain #surgery may be GRAPHIC in NATURE."

No kidding.

Dr. Scott Shepard, a neurosurgeon at Texas Medical Center, described the three-plus hour surgery--performed by Dr. Dong Kim on a 21-year-old female patient to remove a brain tumor--in a series of informative yet stomach-turning tweets:

Dr. Kim begins drilling into the #skull with a perforator, making several small holes. #MHbrain STAND BY for VIDEO...

Here is a small sample:

Dr. Kim now lifts this portion of the skull exposing the membrane underneath called the dura. #MHbrain

Dr. Kim uses a little knife to cut between the 2 veins. This is called the cortisectomy.

The bone flap is then handed to the surgical nurse to keep it sterile during surgery.

The feed included plenty of photos:

And video:

Even a Pinterest pin!

The surgery appears to have been successful:

Dr. Kim just went to see the patient. "We had a nice conversation and she looks great!" - Dr. Dong Kim

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