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‘Different guy named James Holmes’ takes to Facebook to prove he is not Colorado theater shooter


Shortly after police in Aurora, Colo., identified the suspected shooter in Friday's massacre at the opening of "Dark Knight Rises" as 24-year-old James Holmes, Facebook users began searching for his presence on the social network.

One Colorado resident named James Holmes posted a note on Facebook assuring those who were looking for information on the shooter that he is, in fact, not the same James Holmes:

Dearest random Facebook people who keep confusing me for a mass murderer and yet still send me Facebook requests:

I appreciate the fact that you are trying to become better-informed about the occurrences last night in Aurora, but you have been somewhat mislead, in that I am not the man who did it. I am not a 24-year-old gun-slinging killer from Aurora, I am a 22-year-old book-slinging mass eater from Littleton. Somewhat distinct, I would assume. But I would appreciate if you would read this particular post an not assume that it would be interesting to be friends with someone on Facebook who is very probably going to be in jail and not be able to confirm your friend requests anyway, or even be friends with his girlfriend, who had the rather interesting experience of having to tell someone she had a job interview with that she is not, in fact dating a serial killer. James Holmes happens to be a pretty common name, surprisingly, so try not to jump the gun.


A different guy named James Holmes

Meanwhile, at least two Facebook groups have already been created calling for the suspected shooter James Holmes to receive the death penalty.

At least 12 people were killed in Friday's shooting during the midnight screening of "Dark Knight Rises." Holmes was arrested in the parking lot of the theater and is in police custody. He was due in court later Friday.

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