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Skeletons get hungry, too

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Magician Rahat is back with another drive-through prank, this time with an assist from a spooky Halloween skeleton.

For those who have never seen Rahat weave his magical pranks, a quick explainer. The mischievous magic man hides in a low-budget car-seat costume made of cardboard. It matches the interior of his car and (normally) makes it appear as if nobody is driving the car. Hilarity quickly ensues.

This time, presumably in honor of Halloween, Rahat placed a skeleton in the driver's seat. Drive-through workers unlucky enough to encounter the bony driver are uniformly freaked out, especially after Rahat makes the skeleton jerk toward the window.

When one worker asks Mr. Skeleton if he'd like sauce, Rahat makes the skeleton shake his skull back and forth. But give him credit. Rahat is a polite prankster. At one point, he (or, rather, the skeleton) has a full conversation with a group of workers about chicken nuggets.

It's all very funny to watch on a computer. For those who deal with the merry prankster in person, it's probably a smidge less amusing.

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