Man builds Star Wars themed ‘CAT-AT’ for friend’s forceful felines

In "The Empire Strikes Back," the Rebel Alliance has their secret base on the ice planet of Hoth attacked by AT-AT's: Giant, four-legged, mechanical walkers that rain down destructive laser attacks and whose armor is seemingly impervious to retaliatory efforts.

32-years-later, one industrious Reddit user has created a replica version of the AT-AT that serves as a "furnished luxury cat condo" for his friend's two kitties. "My buddy loves Star Wars, and he has two cats," Reddit user BillyAppletini wrote. "So, I built him this, and put it in his apartment." More on the construction of the CAT-AT:

"I wouldn't consider myself a great woodworker or an artist - but I will take credit for being committed to a joke. I wrecked my house for a month building this, which was about 27 days longer than I wish it would have taken. The trickiest part was keeping any of my friends from coming inside my place for that whole time - I knew they wouldn't be able to keep it a secret!"

"I was originally going to forge an Amazon receipt and make it look like my buddy's cat ordered it on his Amazon account and have it delivered while he was at work, but enough was enough - when it was complete, I had to get it out of my loft and clean up."

You can see more photos of the CAT-AT, including a view from inside the cat condo, after the jump.

BillyAppletini has posted a gallery of photos on the construction of the CAT-AT.

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