Man disguised as car seat busted by Spanish border authorities

A Guinean man was caught trying to cross the border into Spain while disguised as a car seat.

We first spotted the news over at the U.K.'s Telegraph. The two-image video above is from African Movie Reporter.

Apparently two Moroccan men attempted to sneak a third man into Spain by removing the foam from the passenger seat. Then one of the Moroccans sat on the hidden man for the border crossing into Spain.

According to The Guardian, the ruse almost worked. "Police only realized there was a third man inside the Moroccan-plated Renault 7 when they started examining the seat—and touched flesh instead of foam," the paper wrote.

The Moroccan men were taken into custody while the man from Guinea was sent to a detention center. Several years ago, another man was busted by authorities after his attempt to disguise himself as a van seat did not go according to plan.