Charles Manson’s ‘son’ wants DNA test

Charles Manson, 77, will likely never step foot outside of prison. But he may have fathered a son before being put behind bars.

Matthew Roberts, 44, says he believes Manson fathered him during a sexual orgy. Roberts was born in Chicago in 1968 and adopted as an infant. He also bears a striking resemblance to the notorious former cult leader. Manson was convicted in 1969 for the murder of seven people, including actress Sharon Tate and her unborn child.

After Roberts tracked down his birth mother in 1998, the woman told Roberts she believes Manson is his biological father.

"It's more than just possible, but probable," Roberts told CNN. Roberts said he's tried to get a DNA test from Manson to put the question to rest but that the obtained sample was contaminated.

Along with his similar physical appearance, Roberts says he shares other character traits with Manson, including practicing a vegetarian diet. He's also an aspiring musician, as was Manson, who recorded several songs before and after being incarcerated. And in perhaps a direct reference to Manson's personality, he told CNN's Miguel Marquez "I know what goes on in my head."

This isn't the first time Roberts has received media attention for his alleged biological connection to the man who is arguably America's most notorious living killer. In a 2010 interview with Details magazine, Roberts said he suffers from disturbing night terrors.

"Sometimes I wake up covered in spiders," he said at the time. "Just hellish stuff. Movie-nightmare stuff. Some of it I won't even tell you, I won't even describe."

Nonetheless, Roberts tells CNN that if Manson is his father, he'd like to meet him before it's too late.

"If he is my father, then it would be nice to have laid eyes on him and been person to person with him once in my lifetime," Roberts said.

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