Northwestern's School of Journalism misspells own name on diplomas

Well, this is embarasing embarrassing.

Northwestern University's esteemed Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications — one of the nation's top graduate programs for aspiring journalists — issued dozens of diplomas with the program's own name misspelled.

Someone, it seems, forgot that the word "integrated" includes an "n." The typo affected roughly 30 of the 250 diplomas awarded to future Woodwards and Bernsteins, according to the Washington Post.

Those who received a diploma with a pesky typo will get a replacement, university spokesperson Desiree Hanford told media blogger Jim Romenesko.

This isn't the first case of an educational institution messing up its own diplomas. Last year was a banner year for boo-boos. Radford University misspelled "Virginia" on its diplomas, and Stanford University issued diplomas with the wrong signature.

And in 2012, a Maryland high school was forced to reprint 8,000 diplomas after someone pointed out that the word "progam" is not found in the dictionary.

Never stop learning, kids.

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