Parents take aim at proposed gun range near elementary school

A Connecticut town is caught up in a heated debated over whether a proposed gun range should be built just hundreds of feet from a local elementary school.

"I'd say total insanity. A gun range should not be put next to a school, period. Put it on the outskirts of Waterbury, or somewhere else," community activist Lisa Lessard said in a video posted by NBC Connecticut.

Proponents of the development say the gun range and accompanying gun store would post no actual risk to young students next door at the Sprague Elementary School in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Nonetheless, the local Board of Education sued the city last summer after it approved zoning for the gun range.

Mayor Neil O'Leary and some of the local council members say the gun range would also bring funds to Waterbury. O'Leary has asked the Board of Education to reconsider the lawsuit, saying it is costing the city too much money.

"I think it's far enough away from the school where it would not cause students any harm and I think it should go forward," councilman Jason VanStone said.

About 30 protesters showed up to oppose the development, though they were partially countered by eight pro-gun activists who showed up as well, according to the Republican American.

Along with direct safety concerns surrounding the gun range, some of the parents say they are worried that lead from the gun shells could pose a danger to their children.

The school board is scheduled to meet on Thursday to discuss the protest and could decide whether to support the lawsuit.

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