Pedestrian hit by car bounces off windshield, lands on feet (VIDEO)

An incredible video that appears to show a pedestrian bounce off the windshield of a vehicle involved in a high-speed chase—and walk away seemingly unscathed—is making the rounds online.

The footage, shot from the car's dash-cam, shows the vehicle speed through an intersection and swerve as it approaches a man crossing the street. The man jumps onto the vehicle's hood—smashing the windshield—then rolls off when the car comes to a stop, landing on his feet.

The stunned man looks back at the driver, brushing himself off.

According to the user who uploaded the video, the footage was captured on Oct. 17 in Russia. According to NBC, which showed the footage on the "Today" show, the car was being pursued by police who later released the video.

Oddly enough, dash-cam videos of pedestrians bouncing off cars are not that uncommon in Russia. In this one, uploaded in August, a woman crossing a street in heavy traffic is struck by an oncoming car.

Like the pedestrian in the video above, she got up and walked away.