Photos: Boy caught by rescuers after 25-foot fall from ski lift

In these photos, you can witness the rescue of a young boy who fell 25 feet from a ski lift. The dramatic scene unfolded on Sunday afternoon at the Hidden Valley Ski & Snowboard Area in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin.

The unnamed boy slipped from his ski lift chair and was caught by his father, who can be seen in the first photo grabbing onto the boy's arm to save him from a potentially deadly fall.

Once onlookers noticed what was happening, they selflessly began to gather underneath the lift, ready to catch the boy at the risk of their own safety.

But it all somehow works out perfectly, as the other skiers manage to catch the boy, who manages to stand upright through the whole ordeal. Fellow skier Matt Roeser witnessed the resuce, telling the Daily Mail:

"The boy was lucky, rescuers got to him immediately. They figured the best way to save him was for him to let go of his father's hand and they catch him," Roeser said.

"He fell into the arms of those below and was not injured. The boy was pretty shaken but more embarrassed. He took a little while to recover but got back on the chair lift and skied the rest of the day."

You can view more photos of the rescue here.

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