Pope Benedict orders up his own personal cologne

One of the most important religious figures in the world, Pope Benedict XVI, has now joined the ranks of Sting and Madonna in receiving his own personal fragrance from an internationally recognized perfume designer.

The Guardian reports that the religious leader appears to enjoy a second higher calling, that of high fashion. Italian boutique perfume maker Silvana Casoli acknowledges that she has created a custom-made cologne for the leader of the Roman Catholic Church at his request.

Pope Benedict reportedly already has his own tailor-made red shoes and matching panama hats, which the Vatican says are worn out of respect for papal tradition, rather than personal taste.

The custom-blended eau de cologne reportedly mixes the aromas of lime trees, verbena and grass, reflecting Benedict's love of nature. But good luck picking up your own bottle, as Casoli has reportedly entered into a "pact of secrecy" with the religious leader. "I would not ever repeat the same perfume for another customer," Casoli told the Guardian.

Were Pope Benedict to officially endorse his own personal fragrance, he'd join the growing ranks of other famous men pushing their own cologne lines, including country singer Tim McGraw, pop star Justin Bieber, baseball player Derek Jeter and even action star Bruce Willis.

However, Casoli does offer the general public some other eye-catching fragrances, including one called "Cannabis," and another simply titled, "Nude." Perfume blog Eiderdown Press described the Cannabis perfume as such, "It reminds me of pipe tobacco bought at Wal-Mart and intended to be consumed there (in that section where the old folks gossip and have coffee)." While the Nude perfume is described by Casoli's company as being inspired "by the smell that only a woman's skin emanates in a state of ecstasy."

Now if Pope Benedict really wanted to reach out to the common man, he might have instead opted for Fargginay's Bacon scented cologne and perfume.

And this is not the first personal scent Casoli has created for the religious. Earlier, she devised two fragrances, "Water of Faith," and "Water of Hope," for Catholic pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela, according to the Guardian.

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