Postal employee on workers’ comp caught running Boston Marathon

A U.S. District Court in Florida convicted a former Florida postal worker of health care fraud after she was caught participating in more than 80 long-distance races, including the Boston Marathon, all while taking workers' compensation for a back injury.

Jacquelyn V. Myers, 55, was also convicted of making false statements and faces up to 15 years in prison. Her sentencing is scheduled for July 25.

In May 2009, Myers claimed to have a lower back injury that prevented her from delivering the mail as part of her job. She was relieved of her mail carrying responsibilities and put on "light duty."

However, photos and videos emerged showing Myers participating in the races, including a triathlon. And in what would ordinarily be considered good news, her race times actually improved after she made her initial injury claim.

Last October, a marathon "winner" in London was disqualified after it was revealed he had cheated by taking a public bus for a significant portion of the race he was supposedly running. Amazingly, it was announced this week that the disqualified winner, Rob Sloan, recently took a job working as a bus engineer.

"The people I work with have all been very supportive and good company as well," Sloan told The Sun.

In less controversial but equally interesting news, Rob Ginnivan recently completed a 13-mile run, all inside a hot air balloon.

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