School bus with students aboard crashes into home; 4 hurt

A school bus in New York State carrying 19 children swerved out of control and crashed into a private residence on Thursday morning.

The Buffalo News reports that the bus was carrying students to nearby Lorraine Academy when it crashed through the front of the home. Police say the bus driver may have been trying to avoid a gravel pile and had their view obstructed by sunlight.

"The sun is very bright right now. It was at an angle and the driver couldn't see the stone pile, then tried to avoid it and hit the structure," said Al DiAmico, district transportation director.

The collision was so powerful that the front of the bus actually crashed through inside the house, and the ensuing impact knocked the home's two residents out of their bed.

Four children were hurt in the crash but all were reported to be minor injuries.

"It looks to be bumps and bruises, though one of the students was taken on a stretcher, but it is all precautionary," school district spokeswoman Elena Cala said.

The bus was equipped with two video cameras, which will be used to help determine the cause of the accident, DiAmico said.

Still, some of the students are likely to be especially sore about the fact that many of them were quickly ushered into another bus and taken to school. It appears they take academic very seriously at Lorraine Academy, where even crashing into a house doesn't guarantee a day pass.

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