Three Baltimore school employees split Mega Millions jackpot

Two Maryland public school teachers and a school administrator have claimed the second of three Mega Millions jackpot tickets, according to officials.

The self-described "Three Amigos" say they plan to purchase new homes, start children's college funds and organize trips to Europe. Their winning was one of three jackpot tickets sold for the record-breaking $656 million jackpot awarded on March 30.

"If it can't be you, these people are precisely the people you would want to see win," said Maryland Lottery director Stephen Martino.

The three winners have chosen to remain anonymous but did allow the lottery officials to reveal some details about them. All three reportedly currently work multiple jobs just to pay their monthly bills. Even with their newfound fortunes, all three told Martino that they would keep their jobs at the school. "One said 'I can't give up on my kids,'" he said.

Martino said the three winners did indulge in a laugh over Marlinde Wilson, who has infamously claimed to have purchased the winning ticket and stashed it inside a Baltimore-area McDonald's. Wilson has reportedly retracted her story.

The three actual winners purchased 60 tickets at the 7-Eleven store where Mega Millions officials say the winner was purchased. Each of the three winners will received a lump sum of $35 million after taxes. The other 59 lotto tickets purchased by the trio netted a sum total of $1 in winnings.

Martino described the "Three Amigos" as "cheerful and humble and a little overwhelmed by the enormity of the situation."

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